Eating in Chongqing

Famous Local Food

Local people have a special passion for the spicy and hot food, which is a longstanding habit for the spicy and hot food could get rid of the influence of the wet and hot climate. In addition, Chongqing People are good at making the same stuff into various kinds of dishes with different cookeries. Therefore, if can come to this gourmets paradise to have an extraordinary experience.

Famous Local Dishes
Hot Pot

Hot Pot
The Chongqing dishes belong to the Sichuan Cuisine that is known for hot and spicy, among which the Hot Pot dates back to the late Ming Dynasty is the most famous one. Thus, when speak of the Chongqing dishes, the hot pot must cross people’s mind. The hotpot cookery is divided into two kinds -- the one cooked with soup and the one without soup. Chongqing people prefer to the hotpot no matter which season it is, so they can stand the foods no matter how spicy it is.

The popular place for you to have a try on the famous hot pot is Jiefangbei Central Business District in Nanbin Road and Bayi Street. Such delicious hot pot as tea-smoked duck, dry-stewed fish, chicken with spring water, Dan Dan spicy noodle are worth tasting, but be sure you can stand the spicy.

Chongqing Chafing Dish
It is also called the chafingdish of City of Mountain, which tastes piquant, burning hot but fresh and tender characteristics. This old dish can be got in all restaurants and all the year round. The ingredients used include the stomach, livers, kidneys and brains of the cattle and lean pork as well.

Fish with Pickled Musard

Fish with Pickled Musard
It is a dish with Chongqing flavor. Prepared with crucian, steeped pimiento, and fermented glutinous rice, it is tender, slightly sour, tasty and refreshing.

Famous Local Snacks
The sweet Mayuan with a round shape is made by polished glutinous rice with sweet sauces in side. The outside of the Mayuan is crisp, while the inside is soft and sweet.

Dandan noodles
Dandan Noodles won its name from the fact that it was sold by the vendor with shoulder pole on the streets. It is made by tens of flavorings known as a famous local snacks, which taste flash, soft and spicy.

Recommended Restaurants

Frindship Restaurant
Location: MInzu Rd,Yuzhong District
Tel: 023-63710590

Guanshengyuan Restaurant
Tel: 023-68609706
Location: Minquan Rd., Yuzhong District

Jiuchongtian Revolving Restaurant
Tel: 023-63828888
Location: 168, Bayi Rd., Yuzhong District

Caixingyuan Restaurant
Tel: 023-67629325
Location: California Garden, Yuzhong District

Qiaotou Hot Pot
Tel: 023-62838960
Location: No. 154, Shangxin St., Nan'an District

Yizhishi Restaurant
Tel: 023-63846959
Location: No. 114, Zourong Rd., Yuzhong District

Xiaodongtian Restaurant Chongqing
Tel: 023-63818100
Location: No. 107, Minquan Rd., Yuzhong District

Meiyuan Restaurant
Tel: 023-63806969
Location: No. 7, Zhongxing Rd., Yuzhong District

Chongqing Little Swan Restaurant
Tel: 023-67855328
Location: No. 78, North Jianxin Rd., Jiangbei District

Little Swan Bayu Restaurant
Tel: 023-63788811
Location: 6/F, New Chongqing Square, Jiefangbei District


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