Eating in Beihai

Famous Local Food

The food in Beihai is greatly influenced by its geographical situation; because the city is located on the coastline, seafood is available around the city. The food's flavor here resembles that of Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces.

Recommended Restaurants

For your reference, the following are the restaurants rated most popular by the locals:

Jiatianxia Restaurant
Add: Beihai Avenue, Beihai
Tel: 3065666
Description: Located on the Beihai Avenue, it offers delicious seafood.

Fulihua Seafood Restaurant

Add: Chating Rd, Beihai
Tel: 2055588
Description: Being a restaurant on the sea, it has beautiful scenery in the surrounding area.

Guangzhou Restaurant

Add: Yunnan Rd, Beihai
Tel: 3906888
Description: Located in the middle of Yunnan Road, it offers delicious Yue food.

Dexing Restaurant

Add: Sichuan Rd, Beihai
Tel: 3033616
Description: With a location near North Gulf Square, it offers delicious Yue food.

Zhuangyuanlou Restaurant

Add: #41 Haijiao Rd, Beihai
Tel: 3064876
Description: Located at Haijiao Road, it offers rather good food.

Jinsheng Restaurant

Add: Guizhou Rd, Beihai
Tel: 3072599
Description: Located on the Guizhou Rd, it offers delicious seafood.

Yixinyuan Restaurant
Add: Beijing Rd, Beihai
Tel: 3218222
Description: Located on the Beijing Road, it offers delicious special dishes.


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