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As the most thriving city in the southwest China, Chongqing impresses tourists with not only the Sichuan cuisine and local specialties, but also the entertainments they practice when leisure. Not to mention those that are the same with the eastern coastal cities like the bowling and sauna, the entertainments prevail among the Chongqing are so admiringly colorful that you should have a try.

Sichuan Opera  

Sichuan Opera
Popular among the Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan, Sichuan Opera was once the Chinese most popular opera in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), while Chongqing is hailed as the Home of the Sichuan Opera, so it is safe to say Sishuan Opera is the first entertainment to do in Chongqing. The Sichuan opera is performed in the tea house, opera theatre and parks.

There are two stunts originated from Sichuan Opera, namely Face-changing and Fire-spouting. Face-changing is one of the stunts used in the Sichuan Opera to express the changes of the actors’ mood, which can create romance, while the Fire-spouting is always performed by the evils in the opera to show anger.

Chinese acrobatics is believed to originate from the wrestling -- an old defense skill in the Neolithic period (more than 5,000 years ago). After the unification of Qin Dynasty, it developed into a kind of recreational skills and prevailed in China from the north to the south. On many festival occasions, local people in Chongqing like to perform the acrobatics as a festival tradition.

The Dragon Lantern of Tongliang County

The Dragon Lantern of Tongliang County  The Dragon Lantern of Tongliang County
Tongliang County has long been known for its production of dragon lanterns and the dragon lantern dance. The dance features large stage properties, exaggerated dance movements, and a grand atmosphere. It is performed amidst the blowing and beating of Chinese wind and percussion musical instruments and a display of fireworks to present a scene of jubilation.

Other Entertainments and Activities

Night-Travel Two Rivers
Tel: 023-63735818
Location: Yangtze and Jialing Rivers

Chongqing Sichuan Opera Theater
Tel: 023-63762882
Location: Bayi Rd. Chongqing

Return Bar
Tel: 023-63762456
Location: Zourong Rd., Yuzhong District

Dihao Bar
Tel: 023-63806969
Location: No. 250, Bayi Rd, Yuzhong District

Soho Bar
Tel: 023-63797776
Location: No. 88, Jiaochangkou Street Chongqing

Face Bar
Location: No. 68, West Nanping Rd, Nanan District

Hudong Bar
Tel: 023-68888856
Location: No. 225, the Fourth Keyuan Rd, Jiulong Po District



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