Entertainment in Hotan

The people in Hotan are all industrious, brightness and fervency. Most of them are good at singing and dancing. They all have; local specialties in custom, dressing and entertainment activities. These will deeply impress you if you have chance to travel there.

Popular Activities

The Nomad Art Activity

The Nomad Art Activity is held by the nomads who live in Kunlun area in Hotan. It is a mess art activity. They will dance and held some jesting activities their in local color with playing the local instruments like tambourine and so on. The traditional activity was the nomads would create some jesting and humor activities in accordance with the ballad sang by the compere. All the dances would dance tidily accord with the rhythm.

The Nomad Art Activity , Hotan Travel, Hotan Guide   The Nomad Art Activity , Hotan Travel, Hotan Guide

Other Entertainments

Hotan Cultural Center
Address: Gujiangbake road, Hotan

Hollywood Bar

Xiongying Bar


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