Rights and Duties

At the General Principles of the Constitution of the People's Republic of China, aliens have the rights of being protected from being offended when he is in China. Meanwhile, aliens must abide by the law of the People's Republic of China.

1. Will my legitimate rights be protected in China?
Answer: Yes, when stay in China, your legitimate rights and interests are protected from being offended. 

2. Can I enjoy freedom in China?
Answer: Yes. The freedom of foreign visitors is as inviolable as that of the Chinese nationals. Within the legitimate stay of their visas, foreign visitors can freely travel the areas open to foreigners. They should pay respect to the traditions and customs of local areas. Those who want to visit areas that are not open to foreigners should apply for a Foreigners Travel Permit from the local public security bureau. Only after the approval is issued, can they enter the area legally.

3. Do I need to abide by the laws of China as the Chinese citizens do, or are there special regulations for foreigners?
Answer: Similar to nationals, all foreign visitors must abide by the law of the People's Republic of China. Anyone holds the activities that disrupt public order, threaten public security, or infringe upon the interests of the state would be punished according to the laws of China.

4. If I met something unfair in China, how can I protect myself from being hurt?
Answer: If your legal rights and interests are infringed or something unpleasant happens to you, you may complain to the authorized departments in charge of it.
Complain to the National Tourism Administrative Bureau directly or to the Institutions of Supervision over Quality in each province, when the followings happen to you.

a). The guides or other travel staffs swindle money out of you
b). You are injured or your baggage is damaged and lost owing to the fault of the travel operators
c).  Your travel agents, hotels or other travel operators offer you poor service or violate the agreement
Many tourist cities have hot lines for tourists to lodge their complaints and most of the complaint can be handled in a fair and legal way.

5. As unexpected things may happen, so do the offensives of your legal rights and interests. Therefore, you should notice the complaint procedures in case the offensive may happen to you.

(a). Complaint Premise
According to Chinese stipulations, tourist has the right to complain only the matters happen in China and complaints should be about the travel activities only. While making the complaint, the details about the facts, respondent and the complainant must be submitted in paper.

(b). Complaint Range
You should submit a complaint:
If you think your travel agency did not execute the agreed-upon contract
If you think your travel agency has failed to offer you appropriate service
If you think your travel agency is being dishonest, prejudicing your rights.
If you think your travel agency has caused bodily injury or property damage
If your tour guide or driver inappropriately asks for tips or forces you to give tips
If you determine that your interests have been infringed upon during your travels in China

(c). How to Complain
You should first contact the authorized department in charge of your case by telephone to report your travel activities where you feel your rights have been violated and submit the written statement in paper later.

Specific information should be provided in your complaint, including details about the travel agency, transportation, tour guide, hotel, etc.

Statement about your pecuniary losses, and/or request for the investigation of legal responsibility and supporting documents with personal information in detail, including your name, gender, nationality, occupation, age are required as well.  It generally takes 15-45 days to deal with the complaint.

(d). Where to Complain
Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Offices in China
Tel: 010-65275315
Fax: 010-65201522/65122096
Office Hours: 08:30-12:00 14:30-17:00
Postal Code: 100740
Address: No. 9, inside the Jianguo Gate Street., Beijing

CNTA (China National Tourism Administration)
Tel: 010-65130828
Fax: 010-65158251/65158255
Office Hours: 08:30-12:00 14:30-17:00
Postal Code: 100022
Address: Room 1001, Beijing Tourism Building, No.28, outside the Jianguo Gate Street, Beijing

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