Shenzhen in Brief

Shenzhen used to be a small coastal village before the year of 1980, after when she has been growing up into an international city, Pengcheng City, one of the centers of finance, communication, trade, transportation and tourism.

Shenzhen, Shenzhen Travel, Shenzhen Guide Shenzhen, Shenzhen Travel, Shenzhen Guide

Shenzhen, adjacent with Hong Kong, is located in the east coast of the delta of Pearl River. Only 2000 square km as it is, there are many wonderful resorts waiting for you. If you are going to enjoy the natural sceneries, Zhongshan Park and Miniature Scenic Zone of Splendid China are good choices; if to kill the heat in summer, the shinning Siumuisha (Xiaomeisha) Resort, Water World, Xili Lake Resort, Lotus Hill Park, Safari Park and the Ocean World are must-go; if to admire the cultures, Window of the World, China Folk Culture Villages and Hakka Folk Custom Museum can be your destinations; if to experience the modern theme park, Honey Lake Country Club and Happy Valley are waiting for you.

Shenzhen is home to 14 millions people, 12 million of them are visiting residents and 70% of the permanent inhabitants speak the Hakka Language. Shenzhen is the second largest city, second to Beijing, where all the Chinese 56 Minorities dwell in together. Therefore, Shenzhen is colorful in the folk and local customs and cultures; however, she will be lonely and cheerless when Spring Festival comes for the visiting residents will back home then.

Shenzhen is thought highly as the Civilize City, Clean City and Knowledge City of China, and the Garden City of the World. Shenzhen has also established relationships with 12 international cities, such as Huston, Brisbane, Tsukuha and Turin, in commerce, environments, culture and education filed etc.


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