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With smooth sea bottom, few rocks, shallow water, weak ocean waves, small change of water temperatures and salt content, and little pollution, the city is deemed with the world well-known pearl--"the Southern Pearl" and is an ideal place for growing pearl, shrimp, shellfish, oyster and other rare aquatic products. The local products include pearls, jewelry, sea products and shell painting and bamboo weaving products.

In Beihai, pearls are the most famous local products. They are famous because of their fine quality, delicate designs and beautiful colors. Beihai City is the original place for Southern China pearls in North Gulf where it is most suitable for pearls growing along coastlines. In ancient time, this area was called "Pearls' Mother Sea", that is, the holy land for pearls. Southern China pearls are famous all over the world. An old saying goes like this "West Pearl Superior to East Pearl, South Pearl Superior to West Pearl" which proves the high quality of south pearl.

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Beihai Pearls and Sea Products Market
Add: Yunnan Rd, Beihai
Tel: 8883896

Liyun Jewelry
Add: Yunnan Rd, Beihai
Tel: 8886665

Guotong Shopping Center
Add: #19 Jiefang Rd, Beihai
Tel: 2035215


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