Shopping in Chongqing

Local Specialties and Souvenirs

In this vast city Chongqing, the abundant resources can be easily got, which must be the reason why god makes it. A great variety of local special products, such as the valuable traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, the fragrant tea and famous fruits as well as various kinds of bamboo articles, folding paper fans, wooden carvings and exquisite brocade of Tujia minority will be one of the reasons you fall in love in Chongqing.

Tea Herbal Handiworks

Yangsuo County, Chongqing is one of the famous places where the Silver Needle Tea, one of the Chinese Top Ten Tea, is yield. In Locationition, Maojian Tea, also one of the Chinese Top Ten Tea produced in Chongqing, enjoys a high prestige both at home and abroad. Tea is a good choice for you to bring back home as a gift for friends.

The natural environment of the City of Mountain is good to the growth of the herbals, so there are many rare Chinese traditional herbal medicines, such as the rhizome of Chinese goldthread (huanglian), Gastrodia elata (tianma) and the bark of eucommia (duchong) flourishing here.

Local people in Chongqing are industrious and intelligent. Numerous inventions such as various kinds of bamboo articles, folding paper fans, wooden carvings and exquisite brocade of Tujia minority are all products of their industry and intelligence, all of which will make your tour here colorful and exciting.

Daily Articles Shopping

As one of the grand commercial centers of China, Chongqing provides a cozy and wonderful shopping paradise for the people, local or tourists. All the shopping streets in Chongqing, full of goods with super quality and competitive price, are lively and busy day and night.

New Era Department Store
Tel: 023-63803279
Location: Qingnian Road

The Chongqing Department Store
Tel: 023-63830235
Location: 2 Minquan Road, Chongqing

The Commercial Tower
Tel: 023-63830235
Location: 1 Minquan Road, Chongqing

The Overseas Chinese Friendship Plaza
Tel: 023-63825209
Location: 173 Minzu Road, Chongqing

Shengli Market, Beibei Department Corp.
Tel: 023-68863688
Location: 102 Shengli Street, Beibei District

Chongqing Department Store
Tel: 023-63843197
Location: Monument to Liberation, Yuzhong District

New Century Building
Tel: 023-63813611
Location: monument to Liberation, Yuzhong District
Chaoyang Department Store
Tel: 023-68864036
Location: 7 Yunquan Rd., Beibei District

Time Department Store, JiangBei District
Tel: 023-67553080
Location: No. 33 Zhengjie Street, Jiangbei District.

Xiejiawan Department Store, Jiulongpo District
Tel: 023-68825403
Location: Zhujiang Rd.,Yangjiaping, Jiulongpo District

Parkson Shopping Center
Tel: 023-68896942
Location: 2nd Changjiang Rd.

Chongqing Datong Department Store
Tel: 023-63817738
Location: 50 Minquan Rd.,Yuzhong District

The Xinhua Supermarket
Location: Jiefangbei central business district



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