Useful Numbers

During your traveling of China, if you happen to meet the emergent situations (such as fire and traffic accidents), or unexpectedly run into troubles or have some questions to inquire, here are some useful telephone numbers available in China, which will be of a great help to you.

Telephone Numbers
Service Type
110 (free )
Directory Enquiries
Time Enquiry
119 (free )
Fire Alarm
120 (free )
First-aid Ambulance
Weather Forecast
122 (free )
Traffic Accident to report to Pointsman
Postalcode Enquiry
Customer Service of China Post
Complaining about faulty goods by consumers
10000 (free )
Customer Service of China Telecom
10086 (free )
Customer Service of China Mobile
10010 (free )
Customer Service of China Unicom

Some tips of dialing 110, 119 and 122:
1. When you are in an emergency and need to call the police, you should do that at once. It's free of charge to dial 110, 119 and 122.

2. You should tell the police about your situation in detail and provide the credible information.

3. You should tell the police your name, address, location, the ways of communicating with you and so on. If you are not familiar with the spot and can't tell the exact location, the obvious buildings near the spot can be offered.

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