Shaolin temple
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Shaolin Wudang Kungfu Exploration Tour, from US$953

(Beijing), Zhengzhou, Dengfeng, Wudang, Wuhan, (Beijing)

Chinese Kungfu, one of the most well known aspects of traditional Chinese culture, is rich in numerous styles that can be divided in two categories: external (Shaolin, Wudang) and internal (Taiji, Qigong) and also includes the practice of many weapons. Begin our tour in Shaolin Temple, a dream place where you can get first hand experience of Kung fu skill practice and discover further the profound meaning of martial art. Our tour ends in Wudang Mountain, famous birthplace of Wudang Kungfu. You have time to learn more detailed skills there. This eight-day Kung fu explosion tour is designed for those Chinese Kung fu aficionados and who has interested in learning martial art. Come and join us to unfold your Kung fu dream.

  • Tour Code:
  • CET-KF06
  • Length:
  • Cities Visited/Stayed:
  • (Beijing), Zhengzhou, Dengfeng, Wudang, Wuhan, (Beijing)
  • Highlight Attractions:
  • Shaolin Temple(a Sacred Place of Wushu and Chan Buddhism), Yellow Crane Tower
  • Experience & Features:
  • Peking Roast Duck, Kungfu Legend, Shaolin Kungfu Learning, Kungfu show named "Zen Sect of Shaolin", Taiji and Taiji Culture Learning
  • Physical Rating : 2
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  • Cultural Shock Rating : 1
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    • Rating of 4 ( ) : Expect to rough it here and there. This may mean a packed public bus, very remote and rustic accommodation, and no access to western-style food.
    • Rating of 5 ( ) : You are totally off the beaten track with none of the comforts of home, and are exposed to a totally foreign culture to what you are accustomed ... Sounds fantastic, doesn't it!
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Pricing & Accommodation
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Day 1: Beijing-Zhengzhou

After taking a flight from Beijing, you will be meet you at the Zhengzhou airport and transferred to the hotel. You can visit Zhengzhou by yourselves during the rest of the day.

Stay overnight in Zhengzhou.


Day 2: Zhengzhou-Dengfeng

After breakfast, we will leave for Dengfeng by private car, van or bus. It will take about one hour to get there. As soon as you enter Dengfeng city, you will truly feel the strong atmosphere of the martial art. A lot of Martial schools lie on each side of the street, and a great many of students from around the world, are excising Kongfu on the playground. We will take the [Shaolin Temple] for a stop, which is said to be the temple next to none. The Buddhist monks developed the China’s most famous martial art. The origin of the fighting monks in acrobatic fighting films can be traced back to this temple. Then we’ll have a visit to the [Pagoda Forest]. It contains small sealed pagodas with holy relics and the remains of important monks. Later, we will have lunch and have a short rest, and begin to learn the basic skills of Shaolin Kungfu. At night, there will be a Kungfu show called [Zen Sect of Shaolin] at the Shaolin Temple. There you can really enjoy the performance at the spot at short range.

Stay overnight in a Hotel near the Shaolin Temple.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 3: Dengfeng

Today you will realize the dream of learning real Kungfu and encounter a physical and intelligence challenge. You will be asked to get up early this morning to [receive instructions from our Kungfu teacher and practice more Kungfu skill. You will  learn the spirit of Kungfu, and try your best to experience the hard and learning process].

Stay overnight in Dengfeng.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 4: Dengfeng-Zhengzhou-Wudang Mountain

We depart for Zhengzhou by private car, van or bus after breakfast. Then we will catch a train from Zhengzhou to Wudang Mountain. You can relax onboard and enjoy everything on the 10-hour train ride! You will arrive at Wudang Mountain in the evening or late at night.

Stay overnight in Wudang Mountain.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 5: Wudang Mountain

Wudang Mountain locates in northwestern Hubei Province, a sacred Taoist mountain that is best known as the birthplace of Wudang martial arts. This morning we will [take a cable to climb the Wudang Mountain], enjoying the fantastic scenery from the foot to top. Get off the cable at the top and visit the [Gold Hall], which was built on the mountain in 1416. It represents advanced Chinese architectural style and building techniques. After lunch, we will continue to the [Nanyan Palace], and we drive to the magnificent ancient architecture--[Zixiao Palace]. It's the largest scale Taoist temple in Wudang.

Stay overnight in Wudang.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 6: Wudang

Taiji, sometimes called "shadow boxing" in the west, is a system of hand-to-hand combat that was later modified to produce the immensely popular form of exercise that millions practice every morning throughout china. It is also typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: its hard and soft martial art technique, demonstration competitions, and longevity. This morning we will meet a famous Taiji teacher, and we will  [learn some basic Taiji skills] from him.  You can [Enjoy a lesson in the afternoon introducing about Taiji culture and  make more practice ].

Stay overnight in Wudang Mountain.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 7: Wudang-Wuhan

After breakfast, we will [follow the teacher to practice more Taiji skill]. Later the morning we will depart Wudang Mountain to Wuhan by train (about 7 hours). Arrive in Wuhan in the evening or at night, you will be transferred to hotel and relax for the rest of the day.

Stay overnight in Wuhan.

Meals: (B, L)

Day 8: Wuhan-Beijing

This morning we will go to visit the [Yellow Crane Tower]. It is one of the three most famous towers on the south bank of the Yangtze River. The tower was first built with a wooden structure about 1700 years ago in 223 AD. It is not only an important scenic spot, but also a symbol of "piping times of peace" in people's minds. Scholars in the past dynasties wrote scores of writings and hundreds of poems in praise of the magnificent Yellow Crane Tower. The legend about the tower has become a bright pearl of the Chinese literature. It is really the best place to view the surrounding scenery by the Yangtze River. This afternoon, you will be transferred to the airport for a flight to your home.

Meals: (B, L)

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