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9/18/2012 12:17:21 AM Mr. Bruce said:
What are the main features of the mountains in Guilin?
9/18/2012 1:12:50 AMCarina replied:
As the saying goes, "Guilin has the most beautiful mountains and rivers in the world." Most of the mountians here have unusual shapes, as their names reflect--the Big Dipper, Elephants Mountians, Camels and caves.In addition, the mountains here are known for their stalactites, which , like the mountains, resamble almost everthing in nature:lions, monkeys, goldfish, watermelons,peanuts, flowers, trees.
8/10/2013 10:15:39 PMMr. Hue replied:
The mountains here all look shooting out from the ground sheerly. So unique!
7/29/2013 1:57:59 AMMr. Peter Dodge replied:
So unique shapes of the mountains here in Guilin!~~
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Topic or Question About : Guilin
9/18/2012 12:15:47 AM Mr. Cary said:
What do people think of Guilin?
9/18/2012 1:07:55 AMJessica replied:
Guilin is known for its mountains , caves and rivers. As the popular saying goes, "Guilin has the most beautiful mountains and rivers in the world." A trip to Guilin proves its reputation.
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