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6/12/2013 12:26:43 PM Mr. south africa said:
Hi there i just want to know how long travel it is from guangzhou to jiuzhaigou and what is the best and cheapest transport to get there?How much is the entrance fees there please tell me in zar my money i want to know please thank you.
6/12/2013 7:07:14 PMCarrie Zhu replied:
hi friend, Thanks for your inquiry. It takes about three and a half hours from Guangzhou to Jiuzhaigou by plane,taking flight is the cheapest and best transport to get there.And entrance fee costs about 509.7zar .
7/26/2013 2:48:44 AMMr. Lydia replied:
A fairyland place~~Better go there in fall.
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1/29/2013 12:18:58 PM Mrs. Okker said:
Can you inform us about the weather in July in the Jiuzhaigou area. I hear this is the wet season... bus what does this mean... does it rain all day long non stop day after day... or (like in the tropics) it rains every day a bit (1-2 hours... or at night) and there is sun as well.... Do you advise us to visit Jiuzhaigou in July or is it just not a good time... thank you nathalie oKker
3/2/2013 10:33:56 PMMonica replied:
Hi, Mrs.Nathalie OKker. It is ture that there is a lot of rainfall in July and August in Jiuzhaigou Area.Rain may be annoying but you can admire beautiful waterfall with increasing rainfall.The best time to travel to Jiuzhaigou falls in September and October with colorful leaves and waters as well as pleasant weather.
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10/10/2012 4:34:44 AM Mrs. Camille said:
Can I go directly from Xi'an to Jiuzhaigu and Huanglong by train or bus? How long would it take?
10/10/2012 7:05:02 AMMonica replied:
Hello, Mrs.Camille.There is no direct train/bus to Jiuzhaigu and Huanglong, you need to transfer at Chengdu .It takes 16 hours by train/12hours by bus from xi'an to Chengdu,10 hours from Chengdu to Jiuzhaiguo and two hours from Jiuzhaiguo to Huanglong. let me know if you have further questions.
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9/17/2012 1:44:41 AM Mr. Jason said:
hello. Wha is best time to Juizhaigou.I plan to go in next March.
9/17/2012 2:33:43 AMMonica replied:
Hello. Dear Jason.Thanks for your question. The scenery in Jiuzhaigou varies with seasons.Best time to visit Jiuzhaigou is in autumn .If you come over in spring ( March to the end of May.),There is strong sunlight in Jiuzhaigou because of the plateau landscape there. It is not cold in Jiuzhaigou spring, but the ultraviolet radiation is strong. Best Regards, Monica
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