Hangzhou Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Weather in Hangzhou is mild and moist. Here you can find 4 distinct seasons all the year around. In summer, the average temperature is 28.6 C (83.5 F), while in winter it is 3.8 C (38.8 F), which is cold and snows sometimes. Usually, spring begins in March. And the best times for you to visit Hangzhou are April and May, whose average temperature is between 9-15 C. if you come to Hangzhou in June, July, or August, remember to bring your umbrella with you because they are the rainy season with frequent showers. The so-called Meiyu Season starts from the end of June to the early part of July. And typhoons come in early August, which bring heavy rain. With pleasant weather, September and October are also good times for your visit when you can enjoy the blue skies and fresh air almost every day.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

West Lake Expo
Time: The middle ten days of October every year
West Lake Expo is a renowned international expo which starts since 1929. It enjoys a high repute together with “Chicago Expo 1893” “Paris Expo 1900” and “Philadelphia Expo 1927”. Since 2000, the West Lake Expo is hold in Hangzhou every year. Continuously hosted three times, it gains great popularity with the tourists and the public. Every year, more than 40 activities are held in Hangzhou, such as exhibitions, trade activities, forums, performance etc. It is really a good opportunity for you to learn more about the current affairs of various fields.

China International Qiantang Tide Watching Festival
Time: The middle ten days of September every year
As one of the largest tourist-friendly festival in China, China International Qiantang Tide Watching Festival provides you excellent chance to appreciate the great spectacle of the Qiantang River Bore. Triggered by the pull of the moon, the bore is a unique natural phenomenon. You will be amazed to see a large wave which surges several meters high produced by the coming tides. Numerous tourists at home and abroad are drawn to this gorgeous natural wonder every year.

West Lake Osmanthus Festival
Time: The middle ten days of September every year
West Lake Osmanthus Festival is a big event in Hangzhou for that sweet osmanthus is the city flower. It has been decreed by the government that each year during September when the Osmanthus blooms, Hangzhou citizens host the West Lake Osmanthus Festival. And people in Hangzhou usually celebrate it in some certain sites, such as Man Long Gui Yu Park, Man Jue Long Village, and Hangzhou Arboretum. To your surprise, it is not only a festival of “Ostmanthus culture”, but also is a day for citizens in Hangzhou to celebrate “tea culture”. It often lasts for about a month. During the festival, you will be delighted to appreciate Ostmanthus and taste the food made of Ostmanthus, drink tea, and watch shows and painting exhibitions.

West Lake International Fireworks Festival
Time: During the West Lake Expo every year
You will certainly have a good time enjoying the fireworks during the West Lake International Festival. With a scene of bustle and excitement in the evening, it is an important event of West Lake Expo. If you come here for the fireworks, you will find that together with you are thousands of people sitting around the West Lake to wait for watching the fireworks show. It is really an exciting moment.

Hangzhou Lantern Festival
Time: The 15th day of the first lunar month
This is a traditional festival in China, which is usually celebrated on the 15th day of the first lunar month at the end of the Chinese Year celebration. With rich ethnic customs, it’s really a shining and enjoyable night. Joining the festival, you will find that people in Hangzhou are warmly celebrating it. And there are bright and beautiful lanterns hung at every house. Common activities include lantern exhibition, lantern riddles and dragon lantern performance etc. Preferable gathering places are Wuling Square, He Fang Street and West Lake bank.

Dragon Well Tea Festival
Time: April-May
The main activities of the annual Dragon Well Tea Festival includes picking tea, drinking tea, enjoying a tea ceremony, and walking in the countryside. It is hosted by Dragon Well Village, which attracts people from everywhere.

West Lake Lotus Festival
Time: July-August
It is a festival with a theme of lotus. Major activities include viewing the beautiful lotus, picking lotus seed pods, shelling lotus seed, watching folk drama performances, and visiting the lotus exhibition. Hosted in one of the scenic spots of West Lake--Qu Yuan Feng He, West Lake Lotus Festival is a tremendous time for you to learn more about lotus while appreciating the beautiful flowers.

West Lake International Boat Festival
Time: Nov. 4th

Friendship Internal Marathon Competition
Time: Nov. 5th

Other Odds and Ends

Dialing Code: 0571
Postcode: 310000

Emergency Numbers
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Traffic: 122
Ambulance: 120

Useful Numbers
Phone Information: 114
Weather Forecast: 121
Time inquiry: 117
Zip inquiry: 184
EMS Service: 185

Mayor's Hotline: 12345
Taxi Complaint: 85155205
Tourist Complaint: 85171292
Flight ticket Inquiry: 86661234
Public Bus Complaint: 85191122
Consumption Complaint: 87023873

Post Office: 7800568
Hefang Street Branch: No.143 Hefang Street, Shangcheng District
Shang Cang Qiao Branch: No.197 Zhongshan South Road, Xiacheng District

Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch offers currency exchange service. Address: No.320 Yan An Road, Hangzhou

Book Stores
Hangzhou Xin Hua Book Store: No.225, Jie Fang Road, Shang Cheng District
Hangzhou Qing Chun Book Center: No.217, Qing Chun Road, Xia Cheng District
Feng Lin Wan Academic Book Store: No.140, Wen San Road, West Lake District.

Internet Cafes
Internet cafes are easily found around the commercial center and on any college campus.

Zhejiang University (http://www.zju.edu.cn/english/)
Location: No. 38, Zheda Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Zhejiang University is a key university which has a long history standing. It has well developed facilities and excellent teachers. The website here can provide you information of its International College.

China Academy of Art
Location: No. 218, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou 310024, Zhejiang
It is where you can find the most complete range of degree offerings and programs of study. China Academy of Art is the most influential academy of fine arts in China. Housing a diverse pool of artistic talent, the Academy has an outstanding structure integrating theory and practice, with emphases on human care and social needs, and combines modern technical and cultural disciplines with traditional artistic ones. Featuring in the study of theories of fine arts, architecture, film and new media, the academy constitutes the humanities and reflects the Chinese national spirit and creative theories of the era. Coming here, you will feel profoundly about art.


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