Taishan Travel Tips

Safety Tips

The mountain is very safe, with many tourists. Just be careful of steep ledges and if you are hiking, of dehydration and the cold at the top of the mountain (vendors rent or sell Chinese military coats if you need one). Walking up the mountain is, while physically demanding, very achievable, though walking down the mountain should be done with caution as the steps are very steep with few landings near the summit. Also, you should avoid if at possible attempting to climb the steps in wet conditions.

Hotels and hostels exist on top of Tai Shan, giving you the ability to sleep overnight to watch the famed sunrise the next morning. Sales people will meet you to rent available rooms or reservations can be made in advance. Hot water is usually only available at certain times for showers, but is available all hours for the more expensive three star hotel. Check with the hotel on hours of availability before renting to coordinate availability with your schedule.

Be aware the hotels at the top will often times charge 3 times the normal rate during holiday seasons (Oct. 1-8 and May 1-7). 1600 Yuan is the price we were quoted.
Additionally, there are plenty of hotels at the base of the mountain in Tai'an. There are also hostels in the city. The International Youth Hostel was clean and about an hour WALK to the bottom of the mountain, although cabs are readily available to take you to the bottom of the mountain from the town.
Prices both on Tai Shan and in Tai'an often are negotiable.

There are areas at the top where you can pitch your own tents or you can rent a 2-3 person tent that has already been set up for ¥200 though the area they were set up in was covered in debris and you need to provide id which you recover the next morning. There are also two blankets provided per tent. Toilets are provided on the mountain top but be wary when walking off the beaten track for places where people have not felt inclined to make use of the facilities.

You can also rent large bulky military jackets at the top for ¥20 plus a ¥30 deposit and id. These are very popular and well worth the money though you can also sometimes rent or buy them while climbing though this means you have to carry them up and down again.

Other Odds and Ends

Useful Numbers:
Phone Dialing Code
: 0538
Postcode: 541000
Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Weather Forecast: 121
Consumers' Complaint: 12315

MountTai Management Committee
Tourism consulting:
Duty room of Mount Tai Administrative committee: 86-0538-8225841
Service center of Red Gate: 86-0538-6228289
Service center of Zhongtian Gate: 86-0538-8066826

Tourism complaints:
Complaint center: 86-0538-8066077

For fire alarm:
Scenic spot fireproofing office of Mount Tai: 86-0538-8066111

For helping:
(1) Help center at Nantian Gate: 86-0538-8066206
(2) Help center at Zhongtian Gate: 86-0538-8066280  8066826
(3) Help center at Red Gate: 86-0538-8066170
(4)Help center at Peach Blossom Land: 86-0538-8066183


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