Eating in Anshun

Famous Local Food

Various kinds of cuisines are served in Anshun. Like the specialties, the local food has strong ethnic characteristics. Due to different ethnic groups with different tastes, people in Anshun can have a try of all kinds of ethnic flavors. Most local restaurants serve delicious local dishes and snacks.

The staple of local people is rice and sometimes corn in several mountain areas. The food here is characterized by sour dishes and soups. In some areas, dishes made with local insects are also very common. Besides, wine places a really important role in local people's daily life. During every autumn, every family would make wine for daily drinking and treating guests.

Most famous snacks in Anshun include Huajiang Dogmeat, Chongchong Cake, etc.

Huajiang DogmeatHuajiang Dogmeat

Recommended Restaurants

Guji Restaurant
Tel: 3464579

Hui People's Restaurant
Tel: 3223949

Ethnic Restaurant
Tel: 3222500

Xiaosichuan Restaurant
Tel: 3344409

Daoguxiang Restauran

Jianxin Restaurant
Add: 63 Shidong Rd., Anshun
Tel: 0853 - 3526033

Wangxuan Restaurant

Add: 103 East Ruofei Rd.,Anshun
Tel: 0853 - 3525182


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