Entertainment in Jiayuguan

There is really not much in the way of entertainment in Jiayuguan. The best that you can do is to head to the larger hotels in town, where, in most cases, you will find at least a bar and perhaps a disco. These places will not be packed out, and you should not expect to get the most modern in musical taste. The best place seems to be the Jiayuguan Hotel (1 Shengli beilu), where there is a disco, billiards, sauna and massage.

Places for Entertainment
The Water Fairyland of Jiugang, Jiayuguan Travel, Jiayuguan Guide Jiayuguan Museum of the Great Wall, Jiayuguan Travel, Jiayuguan Guide
The Water Fairyland of Jiugang
Location: east Changcheng road, Jiayuguan

The Culture Center of Jiayu
Location: south Xinhua road, Jiayuguan

Dashijie Entertainment Center
Location: west Xiongguan road, Jiayuguan


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