Shopping in Hangzhou

When you are shopping in Hangzhou, you will be amazed to find that here you can not only buy some famous local specialties such as silk, tea, and lotus root starch, but also buy some modern products in various shops, stores, supermarkets, and plazas.

Local Specialties and Souvenirs

Dragon Well Green Tea (Longjing Green Tea)
With a long history of about 1200 years, Hangzhou Dragon Well Tea is one of the best green teas in China, which is produced in the hills around the West Lake. Longjing Green Tea is characterized by its green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste, smooth and even appearance. It can be fallen into different grades, among which the best is the first pick of a year. Usually, the first picking tea is picked in the late March or early April.

Meijiawu Village in West Lake District is the ideal place where offers you the tea culture and history. Here you can have a cup of tea, watch a tea ceremony, and select tea under professional guidance. You will be very skillful in picking tea after your visit to the museum.

With a history of more than 2,000 years, Hangzhou has long been well known as the ‘home of silk’. In the ancient times, especially in Tang Dynasty, silk won a high reputation. It falls into over ten varieties with more than 200 products. Some famous products even are awarded State Gold and silver awards.

Hangzhou Brocade
Hangzhou Brocade, which is renowned as ‘the cloud in the sky and flowers on earth’, is a wonder in arts and handicrafts in China. These handicrafts first appeared in Tang Dynasty. Today there are two main varieties of decoration and daily use of brocade such as the tapestry, tablecloth, and bed cover and so on. And the most famous products are produced by Hangzhou Du Jinsheng Brocade Factory, whose product, sick pictures of scenery, won gold at a world fair in 1926 in Philadelphia, USA. Today, more than a thousand varieties of woven silk portraits are produced there.

Wang Xingji Fans
The crafts of making fan began in the Southern Song Dynasty. Since Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was ranked with silk and tea as the ‘three best products in Hangzhou’. In the ancient time, Hangzhou fan served as a kind of tributes to the emperors. Now, Wang Xing Ji Fan Factory produces 10 main categories, including over 300 varieties with nearly 2000 different designs. The black paper fans and sandalwood fans are the most famous products.

Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors
Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors were once served as “articles of tribute” during the Qianlong reign (1736-1795) of the Qing Dynasty, with more than 300 years history. The scissors is a famous brand and the champion of scissors in China. It is famous for its super quality. The scissors are characterized by its steel inlay, a clear division of iron and steel and the sharp blade with exquisite and unique design. They have commanded a good market home and abroad.

Hangzhou Chrysanthemum Tea
Chrysanthemum Tea, also called white chrysanthemum, was once treated as tribute to the imperial court with Dragon Well Tea in ancient times. It is not only a kind of tea, but also is regarded as medicine, which has curative effect in helping clear the eyes and relieve internal heat or fever and treatment of hypertension, migraine and emergent conjunctivitis. Its medical effect brings great prestige to the tea.

West Lake Silk Parasols
West Lake Silk Parasols, which is also called as “West Lake Scenery Parasol”, is a unique product of Hangzhou. It gains popularity not only among local people, but also tourists as it is light, attractive, easy to carry and useful. The elegant and unsophisticated Silk parasols are made of bamboo and silk. There are more than 10 categories of silk parasols, such as dancing parasol, rainbow parasol. When a lady is with a West Lake Silk Parasols, she looks more charming.

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Hangzhou Silk City
Situated by the picturesque West Lake, with an area of 25,000 square meters, Hangzhou Silk City is the only silk wholesale and retail market in China for more than 600 silk enterprises. Here you can find various pure silk fabric, silk garment, silk handicraft articles, scarves, ties and silk materials. Silk products here are not only sold to the markets all over the mainland in China, but also are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The distinguished character of the market is that it offers standardized management, reliable quality, and reasonable prices, where you can get satisfactory service and silk goods.

Integrating Chinese tradition with modernity, culture with economy, Hangzhou Silk City now takes on a new face. It has become one of the attractive places in Hangzhou with its new status as an important showcase to the outside world.

Address: 253 Xinhua Road, (among Fengqi Road, Tiyuchang Road, and Xinhua Road); Bus 28 and Bus 11 are available
Tel. 0571-5100192

Qinghefang Road
Qinghefang Road is widely regarded as the Number One Street in Hangzhou, covering an area of about 13.66 hectares. Here you can buy antiques, calligraphy, paintings, souvenirs, articles of handicraft, and some special products in Hangzhou, in addition to the hundred-year-old shops. Tourists travelling here will be attracted by the historic and cultural atmosphere on the road, which brings much business interest.

Yanan Road, with a length of 3,000 meters, which runs between the north and south sections of Hangzhou, has become the commercial center of the city. Here you can find many outstanding architectural buildings, such as the grand buildings of the Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People, Hangzhou Culture Center, International Mansion, Victory Theatre, Hangzhou Grand Hotel, Hangzhou Department Store, and Haifeng Western Restaurant. All these sites are worth visiting.

Wulin Square, the new center of culture and commerce, is bordering at the north end of Yanan Road. Here spring up many towers and skyscrapers, including Hangzhou Telecom Building, Zhejiang Provincial Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou Theatre, Hangzhou Shopping Center, and Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Museum.

Nanshan Road
The most remarkable character of Nanshan Road is its casual style with harmonious integration of natural sceneries, culture and business. You can find the prosperity of the city within the cafes, pubs, tea houses, art galleries, restaurants, and entertainment centers.

The evening of the Road is really charming with a fashionable, exquisite and casual look in the lights. Here you can find about 10 cafes, more than 10 pubs and 6 tea houses in European, primitive or modern styles, which are most eye-catching and most exciting places. 10 p.m. is the peak time for the road. People here are all enchanted in the leisure, casual and light atmosphere. It can be very ascertained that you will like it.

Sijiqing Clothing Market
The market has been widely accepted by customers for its various reasonably priced brand name clothes. And it is one of the most influential clothing wholesale and circulation markets in China located on Hanghai Road of Hangzhou. It is a wonder place for wholesalers since more than 80% of the clothes here are sold wholesale. Sijiqing Clothing Market is also the source for clothes sold in the markets of Southeast Asia, Europe and even America with a variety of good outlets.

Daily Articles Shopping

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Hangzhou Mansion
Hangzhou Mansion was founded in 1999 as a service enterprise. It consists of hotel, department store, restaurants and travel agencies. You can find more than over 50,000 varieties of goods in the department store which occupies a floor space of 26, 000 square meters. With totally 602 guestrooms and offices, the hotel in the mansion is an international 4-star hotel. As for the restaurants, there are 4 ones which are of different functions: Night Club, Fitness Center, Beauty Salon, Foot Massage Room, Bar and Tea Bar.
Address: 1 Wulin Square
Contact No: 0086-571-85153911/0086-571-5153911-30618

Metro Supermarket
Address: No. 355 East Genshan Road
Carrefour Supermarket
Address: No.135 Yanan Road
Jia You Supermarket
No. 86 Qingchun Road
No. 333 Fuchun Road
No. 58 East Qingchun Road
Wanjiafu Supermarket
No.38 Qingchun Road
No.64 Wangjiang Road
No.38 Xintang Road
No.2 Shuangling Road

Shopping Malls:
Hangzhou Tower Shopping Center
Address: No. 1, Wulin Square
Intime (Yintai) Department Store
Address: No. 530, Yanan Road
Hangzhou Department Store Mansion
Address: No. 260, yanan Road
Yuanhua Plaza
Address: Near to Hubin Yi (First) Park


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