Changchun Transportation

Getting There

By Air
Changchun Longjia International Airport is newly completed, opening on August 27th 2005´╝îit is located in between Changchun and Jilin City and it can handle more than 3.2 million passengers per year. At present, there are flights to more than thirty domestic cities, such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Xian, Shenzhen, etc. and international flights to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Sendai and Vladivostok.

You can take bus from Minhang Binguan, buses run hourly from there to the airport. It shall take about forty minutes at a cost of 20 Yuan. A bus will depart two hours before every scheduled flight.

Ticket Office: 0431-8797777
Inquiring Phone: 0431-8797111

By Train
Changchun Railway Station is located at the northernmost end of Renmin Dajie in the northern part of the city, it is the third largest railway station in northeastern China. Trains from here reach dozens of domestic cities. In addition you can have access to trains for Beijing, Shanghai and Xian which begin from Changchun Railway Station. There are also special travel trains passing through or begin here, such as Shenyang to Tumen, Changchun to Songyuan, Changchun to Jilin, etc.

Ticket Office:
Industrial and Commercial Bank Branch: N. 85, Renmin Dajie
Changchun Railway Station Train Ticket Office: Sidalin Dajie
Changchun Railway Station Inquiries: 0431-6122222 or 0431-2824022

By Long-distance Bus
Nowdays there are three highways starting from Changchun and are to Siping, Jilin and Yingchengzi respectively. Among these, the one to Siping connects with the Liaoning highway; therefore cars can reach Shenyang, Dalian and Beijing directly. Furthermore, 102 and 302, two national roads, pass through Changchun.

Fore long-distance bus stations are located in the City with long-distance bus routes radiating out all over Jilin Province and also reach many cities outside Jilin Province.

Changchun Bus Station:
Changchun General Bus Station: No.8899, Renmin Dajie
Changchun Central Bus Station: No.226, Renmin Dajie
Changchun North Bus Station: No.24, Changbai Lu, Kuancheng District
Changchun South Bus Station: No.36, Jiefang Dalu

Getting Around

bus routes in Changchun amount to more than 100 and it can take you to almost every part of the City. Generally speaking the ticket fee is 1 Yuan in driver only buses; in those busses with conductors, the ticket fee is based on the numbers of stops you travel. Please do remember to take small change when you use buses. Furthermore, some of the Changchun minibuses will stop whenever you wave to the driver. Surely they will make your trip more convenient comparing taking those big buses. No.264 bus can be taken as a special tourist line, for it passes many scenic spots.

Inquiries Phone: 0431-8972475

The No.54 tram has itself become a highlight of Changchun tourism because its nostalgic flavor reminds people of times past. It makes Changchun be one of the few cities still running trams in China. After renovation and maintenance this tram service is in very good condition and affords great comfort. No.54 Tram starts from Hongqi Jie and stops at Heping Dalu passing Changchun Film Studio, Changchun Film City and other important scenic attractions.

Light rail
The first section of Changchun light rail project has been in use since October, 2002 and begins at Changchun railway station, then heading along the Jingha railway (Beijing to Harbin railway) and stops at Weixing Plaza. Total length of its route is about 14.62 kilometers (about 9.08 miles). The second section of Changchun light rail project, which is under construction, will extend the line to Jingyuetan National Forest Park.

taxies are readily available here with a total of some 25,000 taxies providing services to locals and tourists alike. The usual price for a taxi is RMB 5 for the first 2.5 kilometers (about 1.9 miles) and an additional charge of RMB2 for every subsequent kilometer.


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