Haikou Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Haikou lies in the fringe of north low latitude tropical area with a monsoon tropical marine climate. It is warm in spring with insufficient rain, hot in summer with an abundance of rain, with excessive typhoon and torrential rain in autumn and cold in the winter. All around the year, Haikou is endowed with long sunshine time, with an annual average of more than 2000 hours; the average temperature is 23.5 degrees Centigrade, with the maximum of about 28 degrees Centigrade and minimum of about 18 degrees Centigrade. Hainan's most popular season is, of course, Spring Festival, when legions of mainlanders shuddering from sub-zero winter temperatures spend Chinese New Year on the invitingly temperate beaches of the tropica island.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

Festivals in Haikou are multifarious, as so many ethnic groups inhabit the city. Like any other place in China, common traditional holidays like Lunar New Year (The day falls between 22 January and 19 February, varying every year), Lantern Festival (15 day of 1 moon), Dragon Boat Festival (5 day of lunar 5 moon), Mid-Autumn Festival (15 of lunar 8 moon) are celebrated most ardently .

Other Odds and Ends

Phone Dialing Code:

Postcode: 570228

Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120

Weather Forecast: 121

Consumers' Complaint: 12315

Post Office: Nanbao Road, Haikou

CAAC Ticket Center: 11 Yusha Road, Haikou Tel: 0898-68511848

Information of Railway Station: 0898-95105105

Money exchange is offered in any exchange counters of Bank of China in Haikou. Bank of China Haikou Branch is located on No.25 Datong Road

Hainan University
Address: 58 Renmin Road, Haikou


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