Eating in Hohhot

Famous Local Food

As the capital city of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot has a great variety of food with strong Mongolia features. Hotpot Mutton, Roast Leg of Lamb, Deep-fried Tail of Lamb, Boiled Milk Skin and Sweet and Sour Hoof of Camel are all well known. Popular local drinks include milk tea and koumiss. Mutton-stuffed Steamed Bun and Steamed Dough ball made from Naked Oats are favorite stable foods of the locals.

The most famous dish in town is undoubtedly the Mongolian hotpot, which can be found in most restaurants here. Also worth trying is the succulent roast leg of lamb that is a tasty, although often a little too fatty, addition to a culinary trip to the city. Leg of lamb is often expensive, up to RMB200, but in the cold winter months this is warmly welcome. The tender fat mutton, roast mutton leg and hand-served mutton are the most special flavors.
Roast Leg of Lamb, Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide   Deep-fried Tail of Lamb, Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide
Quanyangxi (whole sheep Banquet) is the famous cuisine in every large restaurant in Hohhot. The banquet is completed by carefully selecting different parts of the sheep and then applying the cooking techniques of firing, steaming, quick-frying, roasting, stewing, deep-frying and boiling respectively. When the dishes are done, they are different in shape and color and the tastes are delicious. It is said that a regular whole sheep banquet serves a total of 108 dishes; among them, 20 are cold dishes and 88 are hot. Be sure to bring your appetite.

The second most famous dish is Shouzhuayangrou (hand-serve mutton), a delicious food popular among the commons in the Inner Mongolian region. Diners would sit around the boiled mutton served in a wooden plate, cut slices with a knife and use their hands to grab and dip the meat in the sauce and then eat. This is a very popular dish and when tourists are quests to the local people. This is a must-taste delicacy
Mongolian hotpot, Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide   Quanyangxi, Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide
Recommended Restaurants

For your reference, the following are the restaurants rated most popular by the locals:
Add: Dabei St., Old Dist., Hohhot

Yayuan Hotel
Add: North Dongmen Rd, Hohhot

Xin'anhuang Pizza Restaurant
Add: No.78, Jiefang Rd, Hohhot

American No.1 Pizza Restaurant
Add: No. 112 East Shennan Rd, Jiangong Building, Hohhot

Hetian Japanese Restaurant
Add: No. 1 Jiabin Rd, Yangguang Hotel, Hohhot

Aisa-Pacific Restaurant Korean
Add: Shihua Plaza, Sungang Rd, Hohhot


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