Eating in Zunyi

Famous Local Food

The Miao people in different places are fond of eating pickled dish and the soured soup is always prepared in every household. The sour soup is the fermented water with rice has been cooked or the bean curd has been cooked in it. After being kept in the earthen jar for 3 - 5 days, it may be used to cook meat, fish, or vegetables

The common method for the food preservation by the Miao people is the salted and pickled method. They like to process the pickled vegetables, chicken, duck, fish, meat, etc. Almost every Miao household has earthen jars of various sizes for the pickled food which are called "Shuantan" (earthen jars for pickled food).

In addition, the Miao people have a long history in making wine. They have a complete technology from leaven making, fermentation, distillation, blending to storing in a cellar or pit. The Youcha (Oiled Tea) is the common daily drink; Wanhua Tea is a kind of Oiled Tea specially made by the Miao people in the west of Hunan. The soured soup is also a kind of common drinks of the Miao people

Famous Local Dishes

Zunyi exhibits the same excellent snacks and specialties for which Guizhou as a whole (Guiyang in particular) is famous. In Zunyi, three local delicacies are worth a mention:

Liu Er Ma Mi Pi
Made by thick flat rice noodles, this snacking dish is eaten by locals frequently as a light meal or to tide off hunger. The red oil sauce makes liberal use of Sichuan pepper a distinctive numbing sense on the tongue. It also leaves a peculiar tickle in the back of the throat making it worth of a try. Aside from the red oil sauce, it contains a few scraps of meat and preserved vegetables.

Dou Hua Noodles
Interestingly named, douhuamian literally means "Bean Flower Noodles." It consists of of Douhua, a type of semi-firm tofu served in a semi-clear soup, long flat wheat noodles and a separate bowl containing preserved meat, spices, oil, soy, vinegar and fresh mint leaves. To eat as the locals do, place the bowl with the noodles and tofu behind the smaller dipping bowl. Pull out some douhua or noodles, dip them liberally in the sauce and then consume. At the end of the meal, finish off the solids in the dip and drink the soup from the douhua.

Famous Local Snacks

Mutton Noodles
Unlike its Guiyang cousin, this rice noodle dish is made from using strips of mutton. Owing to the tastes of the locals, yangroufen (Mutton Noodles) only comes available in a spicy broth. During the cooking process, adding extra chili is optional and you will be asked whether you want it or not. Yangroufen is rich and filling and thus often eaten for breakfast in Zunyi. Many shops remain open 24 hours making it a popular midnight snack as well. Pickled cabbage and radishes are available in the large glass urns in every shop. This dish is representative of Zunyi people who have a love affair with mutton. When you are having it, just help yourself.

NOTE: Mutton in China - the character means both sheep and goat in Chinese. Most often in Guizhou at least, mutton refers to the meat of the sheep which is a shaggy mountain goat raised for its hair and meat in the hills of the province.  


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