Entertainment in Shenzhen

Popular Activities

Living in a melting pot, the people in Shenzhen lead a colorful life with lots of special entertainments and activities, such as climbing the hill and going to the teahouse etc.
Bars and Teahouse

For the young people, they prefer to go to the pubs, bars, disco or KTV to relax by drinking, dancing, yelling and singing or go to the cinema to enjoy the latest popular blockbuster, while for the other, they would like to go to the teahouse to find a quite place for relaxation.

Bars and Pubs
In the Futian District Shenzhen, the Baden Bar Street young people can relax themselves as much as they like.
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Bense Bars
1. Dongyuan Branch:
the 3rd and 4th floor of Dongyuan Mansion, Dongyuan Road, Futian District.
Telephone: 0755-82274834

2. Zhenhua Branch: the 2nd floor in Hangyuan Mansion, No. 175, Zhenhua Road, Futian District
Telephone: 0755-83240986

3. Guoqi Branch: the 25th floor of Guoqi Mansion, South Shangbu Road, Futian District.
Telephone: 0755-82129333

4. Dongmen Branch: 4th floor of Golden World Trade Center, Jiefang Road, Luohu District
Telephone: 0755-82301833

Soho Bar
Location: opposite to the Jinguanghua in Jiabin Road, Shenzhen
Telephone: 0755-82200628/82200638

Base Bar
Shangbu Branch: No. 1019, South Shangbu Road, Futian District
Telephone: 0755-83633533

Gypsy's Wine Bar
Location: 1st Floor, Haibin Commercial Center, Shekou District
Telephone: 0755-26682657

Yixuan Teahouse
1. Jingtian Branch
: Honghao Garden, North Xiangmei Road, Jingtian Futian District, Shenzhen
Telephone: 0755-83536661

2. Shixia Branch: Xinxin Community, Second Street, North Shixia, Fumin Road, Shenzhen
Telephone: 0755-25333577

Yaxin Yuan Teahouse
Location: National Park, Wutong Mountain, Yantian District, Shenzhen
Telephone: 0755-25366999

Bifengtang Teahouse
Location: No.89, Songyuan Road, Luohu District
Telephone: 0755-25852541

Lianhua Mountain Teahouse
Location: Lianhua Mountain Park, Futian District
Telephone: 0755-26153421

Xihu Teahouse (West Lake Teahouse)
Location: at the center of Chengjing, North Renmin Road, Luohu District
Telephone: 0755-82176811

Other Entertainments and Activities
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Climbing the Hill
Wutong Hill in Pengcheng Town, Shenzhen is a popular place where the local people love to do exercise here, especially in summer. People can come here on foot, by bike and by car.

Wutong Hill has three peaks with the heights of 692, 706 and 944 respectively, from where you can catch the whole sight of Shenzhen city, let alone the Yantian Marina in the Pearl River. The Fairy Lake together with the hill makes here an ideal resort.

Enjoying Night Scene
The Shun Hing Square (Diwang Dasha) with a height of 355.2m, is the tallest concrete skyscraper in the Asia, from the top of which you can see the whole Shenzhen even Hong Kong, therefore, enjoying the night scene here is a feast for eyes. Equipped with the telescopes, the Shun Hing Square provide you the unique scene in the world.

Entertainments under the Lights
In such a fashion city, the scene at night must be a special one. People along the streets, surrounding the lake or spreading the plaza are a reflection of the happiness of the life. Especially in summer, people sing, dance or perform the local arts under the neon lights, which will make you reluctant to leave.



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