Entertainment in Taiyuan

Night Life

In the past, Taiyuan's nightlife was not very exciting but now it has become more and more colorful and brilliant.

For most Taiyuan people, the city's squares and parks are first choice nightlife destinations.
Nangong Square, as one of the main squares in Taiyuan, has become an ideal place for entertainment and various activities take place here.
In the evening, people living near the Fenhe Scenic Area, often relax with their families and friends in its calm surroundings after a hard-working day.

Coffee bars and pubs are also popular places to congregate and relax and some of these establishments are listed below for your consideration:
UBC Coffee
Location: 100 meters (328 feet) west of the Huayu Shopping Mall, Yifen Jie, Taiyuan City

Xianggen Coffee
Location: No. 251, Qinxian Bei Jie, Taiyuan
East of Parkson Department Store
Xianggen Coffee, Taiyuan Travel, Taiyuan Guide  Nangong Square, Taiyuan Travel, Taiyuan Guide
Manabe Coffee
Location: Middle of Changfeng Jie, Taiyuan

Tribes People Bar
Location: No. 63, Mianhua Xiang, Taiyuan, just opposite the Government Building of Yingze Qu (Yingze District)
This is a pub with a friendly atmosphere and fashionable decorations.

Xinqing Bar (Mood Bar)
Location: No. 14, Yi, Wenyuan Xiang, Taiyuan

Ba'er Bar
Location: No. 100, Qinxian Bei Jie, Taiyuan
The oldest bar in Taiyuan


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