Entertainment in Zunyi

Dressing and Clothing

The Miao girls have always enjoyed the good reputation of "Surpassing the beauty of the goddess when they wear bright-colored clothes and silver adornments". When the Miao girls in rich dresses joined together, a beautiful and fabulous silver world would be displayed. Being fond of wearing various patterns of silver ornaments is the natural instinct of them. The Miao girl rolls up the chignon on the top of her head, wearing a 20cm-hign delicate silver flower crown, with six long or short silver up-warping wings, on which the patterns of two dragons playing with a pearl are made. In some areas, besides some silver pieces inserted on the silver crown, a pair of silver ox horns of one-meter long may also be inserted into the crown, with colored ribbons tied at the tip of the horns, thus bringing the nobility and beauty to the best of the Miao girl. Along the lower edge of the silver crown, many silver colored braces are hung with a row of pretty silver objects. There are several necklaces of different sizes on the neck of the Miao girl. Mostly of them are interlinked up with pretty silver pieces (on which flower patterns made) and pretty silver rings. The Miao girl also wears the silver lock and the silver collar weight in front of the chest; while, the silver cloak with many pretty silver-bell weights hanging, on the back. The earrings and bracelets are all made of silver, too. Only the two sleeves come into the view of the fire-red embroidery. Nevertheless, there is still a circle of silver adornments on the cull of the sleeve. The skirt of the Miao girl is called Baizhequn ---- the pleated skirt. In fact, there may be 500-odd pleats on only one skirt. The skirt of the Miao girl has many layers, some even up to 30 or 40 layers on one skirt. The skirts, from spinning and weaving, dying and bleaching, sewing and making, to the last procedure of pattern drawing and embroidering, would be all completed independently by the Miao girls themselves. In addition, they also embroider their flower waist-belts, their flower aprons, etc..

The Miao's silver adornments are made with resplendent and fine workmanship, the wonderful workmanship excelling nature. It fully demonstrates the intelligence and capability of the Miao people. The splendid dresses and adornments of the Miao girls may weigh up to several kilograms; some may be accumulated and handed down from generation to generation.

Jigu Festival

In the past the Miao people believed in the sagacity of all things on the earth. They worshipped the nature and offered sacrifices to their ancestors. Generally speaking, there is a small celebration every seven years and a grand celebration every thirteen years. Particularly, on the "Jigu Festival", they carried out most grand activities to offer sacrifice. The activities for celebrating the "Jigu Festival" are carried out during the Yihai Days (the days of the second of the ten Heavenly Stems and the last of the twelve Earthly Branches) in the lunar 10th month to the 11th month. On the occasion, the Miao people would kill a bull, play the Lusheng Dance and offer sacrifice to their ancestors. At the dinner they ask relatives and friends to gather in the same place in order to promote affections and enhance family harmony.


Even though the city is famous for its Communist Party history site, this city has a lot to offer in entertainment and night life.

Cinemas and Theaters

Zunyi Cinema
Address:Xiangshan Road,Honghuagang District

Qunli Cinema
Address:No.231 South Zhonghua Road,Honghuagang District

Honghuagang Theater
Address:No.1 Daxing Road,Honghuagang Disctrict

Zunyi Theater
Address: No.578 Beijing Road, Honghuagang District


Feixia Dancing Hall
Location:opposite the Phoenix Hill,3 minutes from Zunyi Conference Site

Huangdu Dancing Hall
Location: beside Honghuagang District Power Supply Building

Zunyi Silver Sky Nightclub
Address:South Zhonghua Road,Honghuagang Disrict

Aladdin Dynamics Entertainment
Address:Honghuagang Disrict

City Light
Address:No.70 Zhonghua Road

Brilliant Star Club
Address:No.586 North Zhonghua Road

Cafe and Tea Houses

Shixiangyuan Cafe
Address: No.60 Shixiang Road

Turandot Music Cafe
Address:26F, City in City, Nanjing Road, Huichuan District

Lao Tan Zi
Address:No.712 Zhonghua Road

Address:Chaoyang Lane, Xinhua Road, Honghuagang District

Address:2F, Walmart, Minzhu Road, Honghuagang District

Address:South Zhonghua Road


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