Shenzhen Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Located in the subtropics, Shenzhen provides a cozy natural environment for the tourists throughout the year. You never need to worry about how cold it will be in the winter when you spend your Christmas and New Year holiday, generally what you need to take with are one shirt and one coat. However, the fans and umbrella are essential in summer for it rains much and will be a little hotter than other cities--more or less 30℃.

When travel in March, April and May, you need to be aware of the plums rains which will last for a rather long time, humidifying the air and making the clothes hard to dry naturally, so take more clothes for changing with you. It is wise to travel to Shenzhen in August and September.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

The Most Interesting Festival
On the arrival of the litchi harvest season, around June to July, people in there will hold a Litchi Festival to celebrate the harvest. In the harvest season, people will go to the litchi orchard in groups of three and five or with families to taste the freshest litchi.

In the litchi orchard, people can eat any litchi they like or they pick, so when there are too many people there, you need to be quick, or what you covet will be “robbed” by others. Therefore, it is indeed the most interesting festival in Shenzhen.

The Liveliest Festival
Christmas is the liveliest festival in Shenzhen, on that day people will hang out in the streets, thus all the entertainment places will be full of people. At that night, people will hold exciting activities on the plaza or sing the hymn in the churches.

The Loneliest Festival
Since Shenzhen is a melting pot, in which over 80% people are temporary residences and most of them will be back home in Spring Festival, therefore when Spring Festival comes Shenzhen will be empty and cheerless.

Other Odds and Ends

Useful Numbers
Phone Dialing Code: 0755
Postcode: 518100
Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Weather Forecast: 121
Consumers' Complaint: 12315
Comprehensive Information: 12580

Money Exchange
Great Britain Pound, Euro, U.S. Dollar, Swiss Franc, Singapore Dollar, Swedish Crown, Danish Crown, Norwegian Crown, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Philippine Peso, Thai Baht are all exchangeable at the Bank of China. The exchange services are also available in other authorized banks, the airports and some hotels, restaurants and shops, where, however, not all the foreign currency exchange services are available, so you need to consult at the information.

Other Tips
For the sake of ensuring you can fully enjoy your holidays, we here list some tips for your reference:
1. Avoid going out at night alone.
2. Avoid responding to strangers.
3. Take the taxi as possible as you can; never take a motorcycle.
4. Be careful of your bags and valuables when in a station or stops.
5. Take good care of your belongings anytime you are in the street.
6. Both Hong Kong Dollar and China Yuan are in circulation in Shenzhen.
7. The price of the Cantonese Cuisine is higher than other cuisines, including Sichuan Cuisine and Hunan Cuisine etc.
8. The Franchised Permit issued by the Public Security Bureau is required if you are going to enter the Zhongying Street in Sha Tau Kok.


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