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Local Specialties and Souvenirs

Mongolian Knives The smaller of the Mongolian knives (Luoxingzu hamenggu dao) will be great ornaments to take home. These knives, functionally used by the nomads in this area, are made in the traditional way. An artisan will take several days to carve elegant patterns into a handle that is usually made from bull's horn of camel's bone, and a sheath of mahogany, birch or leather. The knives can be bought very cheaply all around the city, on street stalls, in markets and off peddlers on the streets.

Camel Hair Products

The camel hair (Luo mao) produced in Inner Mongolia is one of the best of its kind around the world. It is famed for its durability and good cold resistance, and is mainly used to make quilts and carpets. Hohhot is a major distributing center for these goods, to the rest of China and beyond.
Mongolian Knives, Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide   Camel Hair Products , Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide
The city is also famous for the natural products that are harvested and used for general consumption purposes and in various traditional local medicines. There are many herbs that can be found here that are known for their curative qualities including liquorice (Gangcao), membranous milk vetch (Huangqi), medlar (Gouqi), ephedrine (Mahuang) and pilose antler (Lurong). All year round an edible black moss (flagelliform nostoc) is used by the Hohhotians in various dishes, good for both its taste and its healthy properties.

The best place to buy these specialties is the local fairs and markets, where you not only may find the widest range of such items but also are likely to get the lowest possible prices - bargaining is worthwhile. Other areas worth thinking about are the hotels for souvenirs and handicrafts, the shops near to the Inner Mongolian Museum for antiques and the Dazhao and Xilituzhao temples for Buddhist artifacts.

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Cashmere Products Marketing Center
Add: opposite the Zhaojun Hotel

Hohhot Antique Shop
Add: No.10 Xilin nanlu
Tel: 86-471-6968430

Inner Mongolian Minority Handicraft Factory
Add: Shiyangqiao xilu, at the intersection of Nanchafang jie

Beijing Hualian Plaza , Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide   Hohhot Minorities Department Store , Hohhot  Travel, Hohhot Guide
Daily Articles Shopping

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Beijing Hualian Plaza
Add: No. 26 Nuohemule St., Saihan Dist.
Tel: 86-471-5971234

Hohhot Minorities Department Store
Add: No. 69 Zhongshan Rd.W.
Tel: 86-471-6968822


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