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Getting There

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By Train
Zunyi lies on the Guiyang-Chongqing rail line and can be easily reached from either city. A hard-seat only train runs from Guiyang to Zunyi and back two or three times per day. More expensive tickets can be purchased in Guiyang for trains traveling beyond Zunyi. This gives travellers the option of buying a bunk and taking a nap for the 3 and a half hour trip.

By Car
Although hiring a car to take you from Guiyang to Zunyi is available, it is very expensive.

By Long Distance Bus
The bus is a recommended option because it is likely to be comfortable and much cheaper than car. Buses travel between Guiyang and Zunyi are due to a regular schedule with the last leaving Guiyang around midnight. Daytime buses are easy to have enough room to stretch out. Although seats are destined by your ticket, no one objects if you sit in the empty rows at the back of the bus. Until the run on highway is finished, bus trips will take between 4 and 7 hours.

By air
Zunyi is 160 kms from Guiyang Airport, 2 hours' ride along Gui-Zun Express way and 3 hours' ride along Chong -Zun Express way, and 280kms from Chongqing Airport.

Getting Around

Zunyi is a fairly mini city but somewhat hilly. As a result comparatively few bicycles will be found. Walking is a good option because most of the sights frequently visited by tourists are within easy walking distance.
Bus, Zunyi Travel, Zunyi Guide Taxi, Zunyi Travel, Zunyi Guide

Public City Bus
Zunyi has developed a bus network although buses can get crowded at rush hours. Until now,Zunyi buses still had a rider whose job is to make change and shout the route of the bus in question.

Given the small size of the city, Zunyi taxis cost 5 yuan and it is rare to pay more than 8 yuan unless one travels at rush hour to locations well outside the city-center.


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