Mt. Lushan Scenic Spot

Lushan is situated in the southern part of Jiujiang city in Jiangxi Province. Solitary and imposing, it towers over the southern bank of the Yangtze River, leaving behind its shadows upon the Boyang Lake. Its peaks rise 1,474 meters above sea level. It is one of the most famous summer resorts in China, and was listed as one of the World Natural Heritages by the UNESCO. Mt. Lushan is attractive for its spectacular waterfalls, sea of clouds, precipitous peaks, oddlyshaped pines, deep caverns, and traces of glaciers. It is cool in summer. The mountain is covered with silver-white snow in winter.

 Mt. Lushan Scenic SpotMt. Lushan Scenic Spot

Lushan has been praised for centuries for its natural beauty. Far back in the Han Dynasty (306 B.C.-330 A.D.), China's great historian, Sima Qian, wrote in his classic, "The Historical Records": "I mounted Lushan in the south and examined how Yu the Great had dredged the nine streams." It has inspired many poets and scholars of past dynasties to compose numerous literary works. 

The scenery in the Lushan tourist area is breathtaking, and historical relics are abundant. Up in the mountains are towering peaks, steep gorges, overhanging cliffs and cascading waterfalls. Due to the surrounding mountains, thick forests, rivers and lakes, Lushan has long spring and cool summers, which make it a celebrated summer resort. At the foot of Lushan Mountain lies the biggest freshwater lake in China, the Poyang Lake, the Shizhongshan Hill and the ancient city of Jiujiang. All of them possess unique charms.

Nature has excelled herself in such a spectacular lone mountain. As a result of tremendous rubbing and grinding of glaciers, its grotesque peaks and cragged cliffs look all the more precipitous. The enveloping clouds and mists make it very hard to define the true shapes of the billowing peaks and ridges. The rapid streams cascade down and form numerous deep pools and hanging waterfalls. The lush mountain alongside with a crystal clear glimmering lake is picturesque. Mysterious and enchanting sceneries nestle in the secluded valleys and deep ravines. To describe the infinite variety of fantastic shapes of Lushan Mountain, Sudongpo (a famous Chinese ancient poet) wrote in his poetic masterpiece:" I can't tell the true shape of Lushan, because I myself am in the mountain!"

It perches atop a perilous cliff soaring up from Jiandao Ravine and offers an ideal place to watch the Yangtze River. Far beyond the mouth of the Ravine, the Yangtze River resembles a silvery dragon coming out of nowhere and rolling on wave upon wave. On the River, white sails scatter about like little dots clearly discernible. A few steps from the Pavilion, there's a rock overhanging the fathomless ravine. It's breathtaking to stand there and gaze down.

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