Dalian Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Bordered by the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea, Dalian is situated at the warm temperature zone with the marine monsoon climate, its annual average temperature is 8-10 degrees C. August is the hottest month of the year, with an average ternperature of 14.4 degrees C, and January Is the coldest month of the year, with an average temperature of 5.3 degrees below zero. Its annual precipitation is 550-1,000 mm, mainly in summer and autumn. There is no bitter cold in winter and the intense heat of summer In Dalian. The air is moist and there are four distant seasons in the city, characterized by an early spring, late summer, long autumn and short winter.

Dalian's spring begins in late March or early April when the warm southeast ocean winds bring the temperatures up. The best time to travel is from May onwards when the Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs and Commodity Export Fair open in the city. They run through to mid-September. These mild and comfortable months welcome huge numbers of tourists from different areas in China and the world. The summer period from July to early September has an average temperature of around 20 C (68 F) and in the hottest month of August thousands of people come to the southern seashore in the city to enjoy the sunshine, the sea and exciting water sports. The summer is also the rainy period in Dalian, however most rain falls at night. You will still need to take an umbrella or rainwear with you in the evenings. In late September, Dalian welcomes autumn and the cold air begins to control this area. The average temperature drops down to around 15 to 20 C (59 to 68 F). From late November, the cold north winds become stronger and dominate the city till the following February. January is the coldest month.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

Dalian Spring Fireworks Festival
Period: 2nd to 8th, January depending on lunar calendar
This is a great festive event in the city and thousands of tourists both at home and abroad come to participate in it. Major activities such as: Ice carving exhibitions, acrobatic shows, fireworks displays, folk art performances including ballad singings, story telling and locally-flavored snacks.

Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree (Pagoda Tree) Blossom Affairs
Period: Later May
The Scholar Tree Affair is a big annual event in Dalian. It is reputed to be the City of the Scholar Tree and in May Scholar Trees blossom in the city. Kite flying contests, folk dancing performances, Chinese painting and calligraphy displays are usually held. In the kite flying contest participants from over all the country bring all sorts of Chinese kites to compete. The Dalian Commodity Export Fair also falls in the period between 23rd and 28th May.

Dalian International Beer Festival
Period: Begins from late July or August and lasts for half a month
Dalian International Beer Festival is a summer carnival held on Xinghai Square each year. It is a large celebration time for local people and foreigners alike. Usually the opening ceremony begins with a parade of festooned vehicles and drum dancing groups. A variety of beer companies advertise new products by sponsoring activities including disco performances, photography contests, beer culture exhibitions, beer drinking contests, artwork displays and other festival events.

Dalian International Fashion Festival
Period: Early September
The International Fashion Festival is a highlight in the city in which thousands of dazzling celebrities, stars and artists both in China and abroad get together and present the top in fashion in the world. It is a good opportunity for clothes designers from western counties to communicate with their oriental counterparts.

Dalian International Marathon Contest
Period: The last Sunday of October
Dalian International Marathon Contest is a great event for sports lovers to challenge each other and compete. Participants come from China and other countries all over the world.

Other Odds and Ends

Dialing Code: 0411
Postal Code: 116011

The post office is located in the northwestern part of Zhongshan Square.

The Bank of China in downtown has two branches close to Zhongshan Square, where you can exchange money. One branch is on the north side of the Square, the other is two blocks to the south. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport and most hotels in the city have money exchange services as well.


Dalian Municipal Center Hospital
Address: No. 826, Xinan Lu, Shahekou District
Emergency Center: 0411-84438358
Dalian Herbal Medical Hospital
Address: No. 321, Jiefang Lu, Zhongshan District
Telephone: 0411 - 82681738 ext. 2041, 2033
Dalian Friendship Hospital
Address: Sanba Square
Telephone: 0411-82713281 (daytime), 0411-82714346 (night period)
Children's Hospital
Address: No. 154, Zhongshan Lu, Xigang District


Dalian University of Technology
Address:  No.2 Linggong Lu,Ganjingzi District,
Dalian Maritime University
Address: No.1 Linghai Lu, in the western end of the city
Dalian Medical University
Address: No.465, Zhongshan Lu, Shahekou Dirstrict, Dalian
Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Address: 94 Yan'an Lu, Zhongshan District Dalian, in the downtown area
Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
Address: No. 217, Jianshan Jie, Shahekou District


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