Jinan Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Jinan is hot in summer and cold in winter while in spring the weather often becomes mainly dry with some rain. So the autumn is the best season for you to visit here. However, spring is really the suitable time to visit the Baotu Spring, and winter is the preferred time to see the wonderful snowscape of Daming Lake.

January of winter temperature on average only- 1.7 degrees, April has already been up to 15.1 degrees. Jinan temperature on average is 27.6 C in July, Day high temperature exceed 35 degree. Half the annual rainfall comes during this period, so you should avoid visiting Jinan in summer. With the arrival of autumn the temperature drops to a pleasant level. Autumn to summer, the temperature drops, from August to October it nearly drops at 5 to 6 degrees every month, the temperature on average has already been dropped to 15.8 degrees in October, it is slightly higher than April in spring.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

International Martial Arts Festival

The International Martial Arts Festival is held one a year, in either August or September. During this period, Martial arts enthusiasts and supporters from all over the world converge at Jinan to exchange views and practice their skills on martial arts.

Temple Fair on Qianfo Mountain
Jinan people will climb the Qianfo Mountain (the Thousand Buddha Mountain) and enjoy the flourishing chrysanthemums there on every ninth day of the ninth Chinese lunar calendar. The areas around the Qianfo Mountain are rich in persimmons and during the fair people like to buy them. Hence the temple fair has also been named the Persimmon Fair.

Other Odds and Ends

Area Number:

Zip Code:

Useful Numbers:
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120

Common Numbers
Information directory desk: 114
Time desk: 117
Civil aviation info query station: 2580
Railroad info query station: 2585
Jinan Tourism Complaint Number: 0531-87937762
Shandong Tourism Complaint Number: 0531-82963423

Shandong University
Location: No. 27, Shanda Nan Lu, Jinan
Webside: http://www.sdu.edu.cn/

Shandong Normal University
Location: No. 88, Wenhua Dong Lu, Jinan
Webside: http://www.sdnu.edu.cn/

Jinan Center Hospital: No. 105, Jiefang Lu, Jinan

Telephone booths can be found easily in the street.

Bank of China Jinan Branch is located at No. 22, Luoyuan Dajie, Jinan
Opening Hours: 9:00—17:00

Post Office
Like other big cities in China, Jinan has plenty of post offices with complete business systems. On main streets, railway stations, airports or at tourist attractions, you will find post offices. The railway station office is at the east of the railway station. And the Daming hu post office is at the west of the Daming Lake. The opening times are 8:00 to 18:30 from May to September and 8:00 to 18:00 from October to April.Mailboxes are available in big hotels for the convenience of guests.


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