Eating in Nanning

Famous Local Food

The Zhongshan food street, tucked away behind the Yongjiang Hotel along the main river and the commercial zone, has the most dining outlets and is a must-see for travelers. A modest meal-for-one starts at less than 10 yuan. A 100g bowl of beef and rice noodles is 2.5 yuan, and desert can range from 1.1 – 2.5 yuan for herbal tea, rice-skin dmplings or duck blood soup.

Laoyou rice noodles , Nanning Guide,Nanning Travel Cool Tea, Nanning Guide,Nanning Travel
Herbal tea, or liang cha, literally means “cool tea.” Due to Nanning’s hot and humid climate, locals boil the mixed herbs in water for a drin a tradition to balance the warm and cold in one’s body. Finding a proper cup of coffee may be impossible in Nanning, but you’ll find plenty of shops with liang cha. The flavor depends on the herbs used. The bitterest herbs are recommended for dry throat A night out is a must for visitors and locals alike. Around 9pm, the street is packed with food vendors and shouting, eating, beer-drinking diners. It has a very warm atmosphere, similar to Thailand’s dining areas.

Recommended Restaurants

For your reference, the following are the restaurants rated most popular by the locals:
Zhongshan food street, Nanning Guide,Nanning Travel Tianranju Restaurant, Nanning Guide,Nanning Travel
Qujing Zhenbao Restaurant
Location: Donglukou, Nanning

Tianranju Restaurant
Location: center section, Nanning Bei Road

Xinyuan Seafood Restaurant
Location: Nanning Market, Jianshe Road


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