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Chrysanthemum Festival, Kaifeng Travel, Kaifeng Guide Lantern Festival, Kaifeng Travel, Kaifeng Guide
Chrysanthemum Festival
From annual October 28 to November 28, spread all over lucuriant in design chrysanthemums in the streets and lanes of Kaifeng, red, yellow, purple, white, decorate Kaifeng into a trailer sea. Flower fair main exhibition order have Ting Long, iron tower, big prime minister temple, one,etc. several places, shrine of Bao Zheng and king of Yu, chrysanthemum varieties exhibited reach more than 100 kinds. Will also launch various economic and trade activities during the flower fair, the purpose is to make people understand Kaifeng. Kaifeng chrysanthemum period already in fashion for a time as far back as Northern Song Dynasty, hang chrysanthemum light, can turn on chrysanthemum, drink chrysanthemum wine ,etc. activity has a history of thousands of years in Kaifeng.

Lantern Festival
The lunar calendar unseals and holds the Lantern Festival lantern fair once before and after the 15th of the first month of the lunar year. This traditional activity has already extended millennium from Song Dynasty to the present. Various in style festive lantern, design novel bright and brilliant of lantern fair, until yuans of dim light of night add lustre on ancient city. Now add the festive lantern made of new materials, incorporate a lot of modern science and technology, all there is very great break-through on the color and model. In addition Kaifeng folk to spread cockfighting match, fly a kite, king of Tokyo Yu great temple fair, play records of drum ,etc. activity.


Kaifeng Museum, Kaifeng Travel, Kaifeng Guide Cooking Museum, Kaifeng Travel, Kaifeng Guide
Cooking Museum
, (On the West Gate) 
Kaifeng Museum 
Address:26 Yingbin Road (Next to Baogong Lake, bus 1, 4 or 9)
Tel:86 378 3933624
Open hours:Tu-Su 8:30AM-11:30AM, 2PM-5PM.
Exhibits on Kaifeng's history in first half of 1900s as well as Kaifeng's period as capital of Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127).

Taiwan style milk tea stands in Bookstore Street
Address:Shudian Jie

Hangtian Night Club. Karaoke, disco and billards
Address:Drum Tower Square
Tel:86 378 5251619
Soft music and dance


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