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Popular Activities

Xishuangbanna is a place full of ethnic national breath. The people here lead a harmonious and peaceful life. Various activities and celebrations bring a lot of vitalities and fun to them. When the local festivals fall, all the people, young and old, will get together to perform the local songs and dances, such as the Dai New Year on April 14, the water-splashing festival on April 15 and the door-opening festival on December 15 in Dai calendar.

Night of Lancang-Meigong River -- A Party of Campfire
Party of Campfire will be held every night in the Manting Park from 20:00 to 22:00, in which several hundreds tourists join. It highlights the song and dance, special costumes of six ethnic majorities around Xishuangbanna. A lot of food, including fruits, barbecue and buffet dinner are provided in the park. Meanwhile, tourists can dance with the performers around the need fire and join in some interesting folk games.
Lancang River, Xishuangbanna Travel, Xishuangbanna Guide Lancang River, Xishuangbanna Travel, Xishuangbanna Guide
Other Entertainments and Activities

Shengtaile Club
Tel: 0691-2271669
Location: Suburban of Jinghong City

E-age Bar
Location: Mengpeng Road, Jinghong City

Jingle Bar
Location: Lancang River Road, Jinghong City

Fire Club
Telephone: 0691-8981297
Location: ground floor of the Electronic Product Store, Jinghong City




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