Nanchang Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Jiangxi has a sub-tropical climate, warm and humid. It has a mean annual temperature of 16oC-20oC -- the hottest month, July, averaging 28-30oC and the coldest month, January, 4-9oC -- and a mean annual precipitation of 1,300-1,800 mm. The annual mean temperature of Nanchang is 17.5C. The spring is warm an rainy; the summer is hot. the autumn is dry; and the winter is snowy.

Most the area of Nanchang lies on a vast plain. In the northeast are lakes, and the southwest are mountains and hills. The Gan River passes through it. Annual rainfall averages 1,580 millimeter. It has 296 frost-free days.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

Nanchang City Festival of Migratory Birds in Tianxiang Park
Every year in winter, there are about 180000 migratory birds (including cranes and swans)in Tianxiang Park, Nanchang, Jiangxi province. Tianxiang Park, , only about 4km from Nanchang city, covers an area of 100000 sq meters, wetland, pool and marsh connecting, with about 32 species of wild birds, in Dec usually temperature about 4-10ºC.
Since 1988 some expert from Europe to be there to investigate the birds, and Nanchang named as "City of Migratory Bird", and from 2001 Nanchang held the City Festival of Migratory Birds, and this festival will be held every year every in May and June

Other Odds and Ends 

Phone Dialing Code: 0591

Postcode: 350000

Emergency Call
Fire Department
: 119
Police: 110
Accident & Emergency: 120
Traffic Accident: 122

Weather Information: 121
Directory Enquiries: 114
Telecomm Service Complaints: 10000
China Telecom Expense Enquiries: 170
China Telecom Repairment: 112
Railway Tickets Delivery: 26099
Cable TV Repairment&Complaints: 6795754 & 6785755
Train Tickets Enquiries: 4123222
Bus Tickets Enquiries: 6214969
China Mobile Expense Enquiries: 1861

Airport Enquiries: 6278246

NanChang Airport: 3960075

NanChang Travel Bus Station: 6243217 & 6223950

Religion Bureau: 6782544

PingAn Gas Center: 6788512

Mayor's Hotline: 6771473

China Unicom Expense Enquiries: 1001

Infomations: 160

NanChang Zip Code: 0791

Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (江西财经大学)
Nanchang University (南昌大学)
Jiangxi Normal University (江西师范大学)
Jiangxi Agricultural University (江西农业大学)
East China Jiaotong University (华东交通大学)
Nanchang Institute of Aeronautical Technology (南昌航空工业学院)
Jiangxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (江西中医学院) 


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