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The porcelain is a great invention of China and an important symbol of China’ ancient civilization. And Jingdezhen is the representative of China. Jingdezhen is known as the “town of porcelain” and is not merely famous for its porcelain making; the more important is the porcelain it produced enjoys great prestige in the whole world.

Celadon Porcelain, Blue & White Underglaze Porcelain and Wucai Porcelain
Yaobian Porcelain
Yaobian vases feature a simple, natural shape combined with sophisticated colors. Their dominant purple-red glaze flows into cyan and moon white in a pattern that takes on a life of its own and enhances the beauty of the vase. Glazing the fired body of the vase multiple times, then baking at a low temperature creates such patterns. The copper, cobalt, titanium, manganese, and iron coloring elements combine to produce a variety of shades, mingling with the red glaze on the porcelain to create striking hues.

Celadon / Yingqing Porcelain
The production of monochromatic ceramics matured over several centuries in Northern China, achieving particular success with green-glazed or “celadon” pieces. These were developed as Ru, Guan, Ge, and Jingdezhen ware to a high level. The delicately lobed and rounded bodies of these porcelains reflect the mastery of the artisans from this period.

Blue & White Underglaze Porcelain
Drawing the design with cobalt pigment onto the stoneware body, and painting over it with a transparent glaze creates the blue-white style, also known as “underglaze blue”. The piece is then fired at a high temperature. Blue-white porcelain was introduced during the Yuan Dynasty and has been continuously in production ever since, thanks to is bright colors, simple yet elegant patterns, and smooth glaze that never fades.

Wucai Porcelain
Wucai is a type of overglaze decoration. After firing the piece at a low temperature; red, green, yellow, blue, and purple enamels are applied to the white ware. Wucai has been popular since the early Qing Dynasty.

Doucai Porcelain
Docai Porcelains feature an unusual combination of exquisite patterns, color coordination, and well-executed color filling. It reached its height in the Yonzhen and Kangxi reigns during the Qing Dynasty. The blue-white color is first applied under the glaze. Then red, green, and yellow are filled over the glaze and the piece is fired at low temperatures.

Shaohong Wine
Shaohong Wine is producted in Jingdezhen. With its long production history about 2000 yesrs, it is famous for its low degree and rich in nutritious.

Huo Tea
Huo Tea was been grown in the mountine area of Fuliang town. It is a kind of green tea. The tea is famous and like by local people and tourists.

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