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Carpets produced in Korla enjoy a great reputation in and aboard. They show distinctive ethnic characteristics and a strong local style. The patterns of its carpets are unique at the international market. 

Melons there are sweet, tasty and full of nutrition. According to a research, melons contain a great amount of vitamins, four to seven times of those in watermelons, six times of those in apples, and 1.3 times of those in apricots. 

Seedless White Grapes
Seedless white grapes are in elliptic shape, are crystal-clear, crisp and juicy, with thin skin. Fresh grapes contain more than 24 percent of sugar and raisins contain 75 to 80 percent of sugar. Seedless white grapes are not subject to plant diseases and insect pests, so farmers do not need to spray pesticides on them. Both fresh and dried grapes are natural green fruit well received by customers.

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Bazhou Department Store
Location: west Renmin road, Kora
Tel: 0996-2612811

Lingxian shopping center
Location: east Renmin road
Tel: 0996-2214900


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