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Local Souvenirs

Bei Tie, Jie carving and Nishan ink stone are three treasures in Qufu. Bei Tie is a rubbing from a stone inscription. Qufu is the main producing area of Bei Tie in China. More than 5,000 inscriptions of past dynasties are kept in Qufu, and the oldest ones can date back to the West Han Dynasty (206 B.C.–A.D. 24). Jie carving is a particular craft in Qufu, with the material is Jie tree (楷树, a kind of tree in North China), and the traditional artistic products are statues of Confucius and canes. Nishan ink stone has brown color, and every ink stone is simply but elegantly made according to its natural shape.

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Shopping Places
The major souvenirs tourists available and of interest to tourists in Qufu include wooden carvings, stone tablet rubbings, ink stone from Nishan Mountain, Confucian style sesame oil, and sesame food, Confucian Mansion liquor, Qufu beer, and fragrant rice.

Qufu Cultural Relics Shop
Add: Inside the Confucius Mansion, Qufu
Description: There are nearly a thousand varieties. Among them the rubbings from a stone inscription are main items.
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Jin Long Ge
Add: South Gulou Avenue, Qufu
Description: It mainly sells tourism souvenirs, metal and stone seals, Qufu three treasures-large quantity, good quality
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Chun Qiuge Painting and Calligraphy House in Qufu
Add: #5 North Gulou Avenue, Qufu
Description: One of the most famous shops selling paintings and calligraphies in Qufu.
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Qufu Service Company of Tourism
Add: #1 inside the Confucian Temple, Gulou Avenue, Qufu
Description: a comprehensive shop selling souvenirs, such as handicrafts, Confucius commemorative books, stone rubbings, paintings and calligraphy.
Hours: 8:30am-6: 30pm

Qufu Hualian Department Store
Add: #16 Chunqiu Middle Rd., Qufu
Description: It is one of largest department stores in the city and is a member of National Hualian group.
Tel: 4417926
Hours: 8:30am-8: 30pm

Qufu Department Store
Add: #2 East Gulou St., Qufu
Tel: 4411207
Description: As the oldest department store in Qufu, it mainly sells daily use items.
Hours: 8:30am-8: 30pm


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