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Local Specialties and Souvenirs
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Tujia Brocade
Tujia Brocade is a combination of weaving and embroidery with deep flavor of folk tradition, made by hand and has a history of about 2,000 years. It was once the royal tribute during the Qin (221 BC - 206 BC) and Han (206BC - 220) dynasties.Tujia Brocade is also called Xi Lan Ka Pu. In Tujia language “ XiLan” means “ bedcover” and “KaPu” means “flower”. So originally, Xi Lan Ka Pu is a kind of bedcover which brocaded with flowers. Now it has developed into a work of art which has various forms, including clothes, bags, carpets and sachets.

Tortoise Veins Stone Carvings
Tortoise veins stone carving is a local handicraft and its raw material is produced in Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve. The Tortoise veins stones are the fossil of ancient life forms, and the craftsmen often use them to create stone carvings in different shapes such as tortoises, cattle, or horses, which are precious collections.

Tujia Pasting Picture
Tujia Pasting Picture is a wonderful and unique work of art made of roots, branches, barks, stones and grass.

Tujia Embroidery
The women of Tujia ethnic group are skillful in two very distinct kind of embroidery-one that has large pattern and the other that is small and fine. The former type, embroidered with such subjects as the Eight Immortals crossing the sea, or an official of quick promotion, or lions, tigers or birds, is normally produced for household decoration. The latter category is for much smaller items, ones of a practical nature: wallets, perfumed bags, childrens hats and womens shoes.

Kudzu Root Powder
Zhangjiajie has rich resource of Kudzu, which is local people’s favorite food; it can be easy taken with boiled water. It has medical functions: clear irascibility, clear the heat and toxin; strengthen stomach, balance Ying and Yang.

Fern Root Powder
Fern grows in the remote area of mountaintop; it has rich elements of iron, calcium, potass and phosphor, and aminophenol. Fern has strong medical function, which can kill fat, clear the heat, and diminish inflammation, and it is especially good for diabetes and blood pressure patients. The fern grows slowly and its production is limited, so it is very dear.  

Mountain Fruit
When you come to Zhangjiajie, please be sure to taste the Chinese gooseberry because it is so delicious and common. Sangzhi County is home to the Chinese gooseberry. There are also many other fruits growing in Wulingyuan, such as the Sweet Orange, the Chinese chestnut,the Hazelnut and so on. All of them are part of local specialties.
Shopping, Zhangjiajie Travel, Zhangjiajie Guide                              
Shopping Places

Chinese Tea
Due to situates in the misty mountain area, Zhangjiajie is rich in famous tea brands, such as Qingyan Mingcui (green tea), Eucommia tea, Maoyanmei tea and lobster flower tea, which are very popular with tourists. In addition, there are Yunwu (cloud and mist) tea, Maofeng tea picked from Tianzi Mountain as well as Maojian tea from the Suoxiyu Valley. Tea can not only refresh your spirit, but also are good for your health. So don't forget to take some back to your sweet home.

Guanghe Shopping Center
Address: at Jinhua Yuan, Lingyuan Road (North), Yongding District
Getting there: Take bus No.10 to arrive.

Meini Shopping Center
Address: across from the Oriental Pearl, Jiefang Road

Hualian Supermarket
Address: Huilong Road
Getting there: Take bus No.1, 2, 3, or 5.

Department Store
Address: Jiefang Road
Getting there: Take bus No.2, 3, 5, 6, or 7.

Meini Supermarket
Address: across from the Department Store
Getting there: Take bus No. 5, 7 to arrive


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