Yan'an Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Yan'an, belonging to a temperate climate zone, has an annual average temperature of 9.3 degrees C. As a result, it is an ideal place to escape the sweltering summer that hits other areas of China. However, if you come here in other seasons, be sure to take some thick clothes, for the city is characterized by sharp daily temperature distinctions. Generally speaking, the best time to set foot in this sacred political city is between June and September.

Other Odds and Ends

Area Code: 0911

Zip Code: 716000

Emergency Calls

Police: 110
Fire: 119
Ambulance: 120

Municipal Government Hotline: 0911-2136000

Tourist Complaints: 0911-2122742

Tourist Inquiry: 0911-2138211, 0911-2317305

Public Bus Complaints: 0911-2497000

Taxi Complaints: 0911-2494344

Consumer Complaints: 0911-2336315

Bank of China
Yan'an Branch: Beiguan Street
Tel: 0911-2319788
Dongguan Street Branch: Dongguan Street
Tel: 0911-2117412
Yan'an University Branch: Zaoyuan Road
Tel: 0911-2331036

Post Offices
There are four main post offices in the urban area. These are at Zhongxin Street, Dongguan Street, Nanguan Street, and Beiguan Street. As well as providing the basic business and services, tourist post cards are sold at the Zhongxin Street branch.

Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Yan'an University
Address: No.250, North Zhongxin Street
People's Hospital
Address: Qili Pu

Yan'an University
Location: Yangjia Ling


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