Jiuzhaigou in Brief

The Jiuzhaigou Valley scenic spot, hailed as the Fairyland, consists of 108 lakes and wears a veil made of the virgin forest. Jiuzhaigou in Chinese means a valley of nine villages, which derives from the nine the fact that there are indeed nine Zang ethnic minority groups living there. What Jiuzhaigou provides us is not only the picturesque landscape, but also the real local culture therefore it is named as the Home of the Folk Song, Home of the El Iute and Home of the Ballad.
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Jiuzhaigou valley with an average altitude between 2,000 and 3,000 meters locates in Jiuzhaigou County Sichuan province about 435 km (270 miles) away from Chengdu. It was assessed as the national scenic spot in the year 1982 and then the National Five Stars Scenic Spots in 2007 for the five marvelous scenic spots-- snowy peaks, double waterfalls, colorful forests, jade sea and the Zang customs.

A tourist from Britain once said: "I had ever traveled to the Bridal Veil Falls in Guinea, the Lake Geneva in Swiss and the Waterfalls in Sri Lanka, while the Jiuzhaigou in China is superior in that I could explore the most primitive mountains and the purest sceneries as well as experience the simple and real local culture."
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Some tourists come to Zharu Valley to experience the local customs or come to the Zechawa Valley and Shuzheng Valley for exploring the brilliant landscapes, the other come to Rize Valley for taking photos with the marvelous sceneries. What is your plan? Can’t the 50 km long 114 stair-like lakes attract you? Or can’t the 28m high and 320m wide waterfalls group appeal to you?


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