Nanjing Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

The average annual temperature in Nanjing is about 15 C (60 F) and the time from mid-June to July is the rain period. Known as one of the three hottest cities in China, Nanjing's scorching summer period is to be avoided. The average ground temperature can reach 35 C (95 F) and the extreme highest point could reach 40 C (104 F) sometimes. The city's location at the lower river valley of the Yangtze River make thing worse as nearby mountains hold the hot air in. The government has launched a tree planting campaign throughout the city hoping to ease the sweltering situation.

The short and comfortable autumn time from October to mid-November is the best travel period for the city. Unlike other southern cities in China, in December, it sometimes snows in the city. If fortunately, (may not be fortunate for some people), you will have an opportunity to appreciate the enthralling white snow world of Nanjing. In the coldest month - January, the temperature could be as low as -7 C (19 F).

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

The Jinling Lantern Show

Started in the Six Dynasties, it was made prosperous later. Nowadays, the show is held in the Confucius Temple area, starts from Chinese New Year, lasts one month. Particularly buring Yuanxiao Festival(middle January), the lanterns glister along Qinhuai River, people gather here to enjoy the happiness and serenity.

Cherry Blossom Festival

In late March, Xuanwu Park becomes a sea of cherry blossom and photography lovers and tourists throng to see the charming scenery.

World History and Culture Cities Expo, Nnajing, China

April 30 to May 6 in 2004, the expo was grand opened in Nanjing. 21 domestic and abroad mayors, celebrities were invited. There were various thematic activities and carnival cruises. This expo was planed to be held once two years, and became a window for the exchanges among the international historical cities.

Spring Plum Blossom Festival

There is a long history of cultivating and enjoying plum blossom in Nanjing, particularly on Meihua Hill, one of the four national plum blossom scenic spots, which is located in Zhongshan Hill Scenic Area. Now, we also can enjoy the scene at Fujiabian, Pearl Spring, and Gulin Park. It starts from late February to middle March annually, and holds various serial activities and economic and trade exchanges. It is also listed as one of the annual serial tour festivals by National Tour Bureau.

Summer The Jiangxinzhou Islet Grape Festival

The large vineyard bears rich fruits on the islet, visitors can enjoy the view of Yangtze River and the natural oxygen bar, experience the rustic charm of picking grapes. It is a summer resort and a grand recreational occasion, also a new agricultural tour spot of the city.

Autumn Nanjing Rain Flower Pebble Art Festival

Rain flower pebble is one of the symbols of Nanjing. It was praised as “lucky stone” by the 24th Olympic Games. Started from 1999, Yuhuatai Scenic Area holds this festival every September. In addition to fascinating opening ceremony, there also holds an exhibition of exquisite rain flower pebbles, design and handicraft contest, seminar and picking pebbles, etc.. The producing place, Liuhe County, holds branch activities at the same time.

Winter Hearing the Bell to Greet New Year

Qixia Temple is one of the famous Buddhist shrines of our country. People like to toll the bell to greet New Year on December 31 every year. The annual activity combines tourism, religion and folk culture together, makes it solemn and alacrity.

Other Odds and Ends

Phone Dialing Code:
Postcode: 210000

Emergency Call

Alarm Call: 110
Fire Call: 119
Traffic Call: 122
Emergency Center Call: 120

Supervise and Complaint Call

The price report center: 025-84828000
The costumer association: 12315
Public telephone: 025-84402000
The public communication general company: 025-83214409
Cab supervise: 025-86655664
Public health bureau: 025-83617839
Complaint for tourist service: 025-83606085
Complaint for telecommunication service: 180

Special Service Call

Telephone breakdown complaint: 112
Telephone number inquiry service: 114
Time inquiry service: 117
Post service: 184/185
Manual toll service in domestic: 113
International toll service: 103
Weather forecast: 121
Auto voice box: 166
Communication business inquiry service: 189
International directly dialing collect call: 108

Inquiry Call

Tourist inquiry: 025-83362686
Nanjing port inquiry: 025-28805501
Air ticket-booking inquiry service: 025-84499378
Domestic flight inquiry service: 025-22480488
International flight inquiry service: 025-84589294
United air ticket-selling inquiry service: 025-83619940
West Nanjing Railway Station Inquiry service: 025-85835222
North Nanjing Railway Station Inquiry service: 025-28851205
South Nanjing Railway Station Inquiry service: 025-82414183
Nanjing Railway Station Inquiry service: 025-85822222

Money Matters
You can exchange money at Lu Kou International Airport, branch offices of the Bank of China at Zhongshan Donglu, just east of Xinjiekou traffic circle and most hotels in the city. Rates at hotels may be a little higher than those in the Bank of China. Some hotels only exchange currency for their own guests.Click for more info on Chinese RMB.

Institute for International Students, Nanjing University
Address: No.22 Hankou Lu, Nanjing China, 210093
Tel: 025 - 83593586 83593585
E-mail: [email protected]

Institute of International Students, Nanjing Normal University

Address: No. 122, Ninghai Lu, Nanjing, 210097
Tel: (025)83598378
Fax: (025)83717160
Website: (in English)

Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications

Address: No. 66, Mofan Malu
Southeast University
Address: Si Pai Lou 2#, Nanjing 210096, China,
Website: (in English)


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