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Er'ren Zhuan

Er'ren Zhuan mixes singing and dancing together, its language is humorous and its content is closely related to daily life, it is very easy to understand. so It is the most popular form of folklore in the northeastern part of China and is deeply loved by almost all the people there.

Er'ren Zhuan was performed by artists (who performed Yangge in daytime) at night by singing Dongbei folk songs in the very early period. As time went by, immigrations of Guanli (south part of Shanhaiguan) increased considerably, therefore the integration of different cultures has richly endowed Er'ren Zhuan.

Er'ren Zhuan's dance comes from Dongbei Yangge, and includes wushu, folk dances, the skillful use of fans and handkerchiefs. Er'ren Zhuan's sung form takes the Dongbei folk songs as its base together with Hebei Bangzi, Dongbei Dagu and other melodies and many folk jests.

There are three categories for the performance of Er'ren Zhuan. Firstly, a man and a woman can speak, sing and dance together, hence the name Er'ren Zhuan. The second category is when a single performer sings and dances, this is named Danchutou. Thirdly, a group of people perform on stage and this is called Lachangxi. A common saying throughout Dongbei is that one would enjoy Er'ren Zhuan rather than have a dinner, which illustrates the deep influence of Er'ren Zhuan among these people.

In addition, you can still taste others most authentic performances of Yangge and folk dances. In winter, the International Ice & Snow Festival adds much more fun to your trip.

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Major Entertainment Places


Irish Bar
Address: the first floor of Holiday Inn City Center, No.206, Nanjing Beijie
Bee House
Address: No.220, Fengtian Jie
Address: No.37, Nan Sanjing Jie


U. B. C. Coffee
Huigong branch: Zhonghan Dasha, No.124, Huigong Jie
Zhengyang Jie branch: Taiyuan Beijie, Heping District
VIGO branch: VIGO Shopping Center, Taiyuan Jie
Zhongshan branch: the first floor of Holiday Inn City Center, No.206, Nanjing Beijie

Internet Bars

Haomiao Internet Bar
Address: No.204, Xiaodong Lu

E Internet Bar
Address: No.104, Xi Shuncheng Jie
Zhineng Internet Bar
Address: 300 meters away from the main gate of Liaoning University



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