Entertainment in Turpan

Shows and Performances

Tian Yi Jiao Amusement World
Tian Yi Jiao Amusement World is a popular KTV in Turpan. All the compartment were decorated in different style and equipped with advanced facilities.
Location: Min Mao Mansion, Old City District

Turpan City People’s Cinema
Its main business are movie shows, record playing, balls and some other entertainments.
Location:No.34 Old City Road Turpan

Turpan Stereo Movie Theatre
There are 110 soft single-seats and a number of private rooms for lovers, stereo sound equipment and the newest digital film projector. All the movies shown are with high clarity and remarkable sound effect. Both domestic and foreign movies are shown here every day.
Location: Turpan Oasis Road

Wusu beer - all around Xinjiang. Probably only 4% chinese beer.

John's Information Cafe in the back of the Turpan Hotel sells wine, beer and imported spirits. Grab a bottle to enjoy under the grapes on their patio. (The white wine is maybe the best in China)

Night Market, Guanghui Street, near Bezeklik Street. An alternative to the night market outside the bazaar, this option is more for locals than tourists

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