Entertainment in Lanzhou

Shows and Performances

Lanzhou is one of the better places, outside of Beijing itself to view traditional Chinese opera. The opera performed over the city includes the most famous Beijing Opera (Jing ju), Shaanxi Opera (Qin qiang), Henan Opera (Yu ju), and the local Gansu Opera (Long ju). Currently the city has 16 troupes giving regular performances, the best one of which is the Lanzhou Shaanxi Opera Troupe (Lanzhoushi Qing qinag tuan). To find out information on the whereabouts and times of these performances the best bet for non-Chinese speakers is to ask in the upper end hotels.

Gansu Dunhuang Art Theater
Address: No.1710, East Donggang Road, Lanzhou

Gansu Qin Opera Troupe
Address: No.39, Nongmin Xiang,Lanzhou

Gansu Long Opera Troupe
Address: No.65 Bodao Road, Lanzhou

The city is famed for its many teahouses, where local cadres and amateur retired workers will also give occasional performances of opera. Teahouses are scattered about the city, especially on Jiefang lu and Zhongshan nanlu
Gansu Dunhuang Art Theater, Lanzhou Travel, Lanzhou Guide Gansu Qin Opera Troupe, Lanzhou Travel, Lanzhou Guide
Bars and Nightclubs
Lanzhou Baroque Xinzhen Bar
This bar has been hailed by the few Lanzhou expats and multiple passers-through as the best bar in the city. It compares well with its counterparts both in menu and decor, which aims for elegant and classy.
Address: 515 Middle Gannan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Jin Long Men Tea House
Address:No .37, Jinchang Road, Lanzhou

Du Shi (City) Tea House
Address:No .144, Baiyin Road, Lanzhou

Zi Lu Tea House
Address:North Binhe Road, Lanzhou

Lanzhou Huochai Tiantang (Match Paradise) Bar
Huochai Tiantang is named after a Hans Anderson fairytale, and a famous Chinese pop song that includes those words in the lyrics. Pop and soft rock play constantly in this sometimes laid-back, sometimes boisterous location.
Address: West part of Gannan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou

Lanzhou Lan Bei Er Bar
Mastercard holders may receive free drinks when spending more than RMB 80.
Address: No. 563 Gannan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou
Phone: 0931-8733897

Lanzhou Shi Er Ma (Twelve Yards) Bar
This sports (mostly football) themed bar offers multiple large screen TVs on which to catch the game.
Address: West part of Gannan Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou

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