Jiujiang Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

The topography of Jiujiang is various. It is located at the juncture of mid-subtropical zone and subtropical zone with frost-free of 239-266 days.The eastern region is flat with some hills. Part of Jiujiang (about 230 thousand hectares) is covered by Lake Poyang. Its annual average temperature is 16-17C; annual rainfall, 1300-1600mm. With a temperate climate, ample rainfall, ample sunshine and four distinctive seasons, Jiujiang is an ideal place for agricultural production.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

The traditional Chinese calendar of December 8th was regared as the beginning of the new year in the past. Now, there are still many people here celebrating at the day. People cook chinkin and duck for the new year meals and clearn the house. Some of the people are also cook “Laba gruel” and make Nian cake.

Other Odds and Ends

Phone Dialing Code: 0792

: 330300

Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
First-Aid Center: 120

Tourism Information Inquiry: 0792-8225571

Service Hotline of Jiujiang Airline Ticket Center
: 0792-8237010

Information Desk of Jiujiang Lushan Airline
: 0792-815868

Passenger Transport Information Desk of Railway Station: 0792-8589812

Passenger Information Desk of Long-distance Bus Terminal:

Money exchange is offered in any one of the exchange counters of Bank of China in Jiujiang. The banks’ services are considerate and all banks have Credit card.

Jiujiang Normal Collage
Address: Changhong Revenu No. 94, Jiujiang Jiangxi Provimce
Tel: 0792-8189498

Jiujiang Foreign Study Collage
Address: Xunyang Area Yuliang South Road No. 25th ,Jiujiang
Tel: 0792-8225035


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