Lanzhou Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Located in west China, Lanzhou has the distinct features of a semi-arid climate, characterized by dryness and abundant sunlight. The annual average temperature is about 9.3 degrees C.
Winter here is long and cold, but not freezing, with relatively little snow and rain. Spring is transient with sharp temperature swings. Summer is short and hot, but not sweltering. Autumn witnesses rapid temperature drops from its peak in July. Travelers, hikers and the like are strongly advised to bring along thick overcoats in the mercurial winter months.

Month Jan  Feb  Mar Apr  May Jun Jul  Aug   Sep  Oct Nov  Dec
Temperature(℃) -6.9 -2.3 5.2 11.8 16.6 20.3 22.2 21.0 15.8 9.4 1.7 -5.5

The climate of Lanzhou is very dry, and the temperature varies greatly from morning to evening. Prepare more coats before going. For girls, bring lip balms and some bottles of water.

Other Odds and Ends

The main CAAC office is on Donggang Xi Lu (tel 0931/8821964).

The main Bank of China is on Tianshui Lu, just south of the Lanzhou Legend.

The Univeristy Bookshop, on Tianshui Lu, has a few novels in English, while the third floor of the Foreign Languages Bookstore, on Zhangye Lu, has a wide selection. The latter's entrance is not easy to find - it's just west of the officious-looking building.

You can use the computers on the second floor of the telecommunications office on Jinchang Lu for ¥10 an hour. The business centre of the Lanzhou Legend Hotel has a computer you can use for ¥30 an hour.

Post and telecommunications
The Post and Telecommunications Office (Mon-Sat 8am-7pm) stands at the junction of Pingliang Lu and Minzhu Dong Lu. There's also a post office at the West bus station in the western part of the city, and you can make collect calls at the Telephone and Telegram Office on the corner of Qingyang Lu and Jinchang Lu.

PSB Visas

PSB Visas can be extended at an office on Wudu Lu, a couple of hundred metres west of Jiuquan Lu.


Good things to buy in Lanzhou include army surplus clothes - winter coats, waistcoats, hats and boots are all locally produced, tough and cheap. They're made at the local factory at 227 Yanchang Lu, north of the river, the largest such factory in China. You can even visit it if you like and buy direct from them (bus #7 from the train station).

Travel Agents

There are plenty of travel agencies in and behind the Lanzhou Hotel - the Western Travel Service of Lanzhou Hotel (tel 0931/8416321 ext 8638) is recommended. In the Youyi Hotel, try the Gansu International Hope Travel Agency (tel 0931/2310637). CITS is in the small street behind the Jincheng Hotel. These agencies are useful for purchasing train tickets and for arranging trips to the Bingling Si Caves.

Phone Dialing Code:
Postcode: 730000
Emergency Call
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Weather Forecast: 121
Consumers' Complaint: 12315

Post Office: CAAC Ticket Center: tInformation of Railway Station: Zhongshan Nan Road,


Lanzhou University:
Location:No .222, Tianshui South Road
Northwest Normal University
Address:967 Anning East Road, Lanzhou Post code:730070 Telephone:0931-7971712 Email:[email protected]

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