Shopping in Yichang

Local Specialties

Wufeng Tea
As the old saying goes "Treasures can be found everywhere, and the most unforgettable one is the Tea in Wufeng." Enjoying a subtropical monsoon humid climate with the highest point of 2320 meters and the lowest point of 150 meters above sea level, Wufeng Tujia Autonomous Count has become the hometown of tea.

Bailizhou Sand Pear
The sand pear, or Jinshui(Golden Water) Pear, is the local specialty of Bailizhou County in Yichang. This kind of pear matures early,golden in color and big in size and sweet like honey. With thin peel and thick flesh, the sand pear is one of the excellent species and the best-seller throughout the country.
Wufeng Tea, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide Bailizhou Sand Pear, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide
Yichang Citrus
Yichang is rich in citrus fruits. According to record, citrus trees were planted here at least 2,000 years ago. The locals regard citrus tree as their city tree. Benefiting from proper climate and environment, the citrus here, as the city tree, enjoys high production, various kinds and great prestige both at home and aboard.

Navel Orange
The navel orange tree's fruit grows a little navel in the tail, and the flesh is sweet and naturally very juicy. The skin of a navel orange is thicker and easier to peel than a common orange.

Yichang Citrus, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide Navel Orange, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide

Shoppling Places

International Trade Building
The largest comprehensive shopping mansion in Yichang
Address: Close to Yiling Square, Dongshan Road, Yichang

Yichang Bazaar
Old-brand commercial Building
Address: Dongshan Road, Yichang
International Trade Building, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide Shi Dai Shopping Plaza, Yichang Travel, Yichang  Guide
Shi Dai Shopping Plaza
New and fashionable shopping center
Address: No.52, Jiefang Road, Yichang


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