Xining Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Xining situates at the northwest of China, with a average altitude of 2275 meters. It belongs to the continental mid-drought climate, with rich sunshine. The annual average temperature is 3.2 centigrade. Summer in Xining is cool, with the daily average temperature lower than 17 centigrade. It is a good place to escape the unforgiving heat during summer time. The period from May to Sep. with the most weather condition is the best time to visit. High season prices do apply however and it’s more crowded. With a relative high sea level, temperature differs greatly between daytime and at night. Visitors may consider bring along warm clothing even in summer time. Sun’s solar radiation in highland is strong and intense, so sunscreen, sunglasses, lip creams are needed to protect your eyes and skin.

Other Odds and Ends

Area Code: 0971

Emergency Numbers
Accident & Emergency: 120
Directory enquiries: 114
Police: 110
Fire: 119
Information service: 168
Time check: 117
Weather information: 121
Traffic accident: 122

Tourists Complaint Hotline
Consumer complaints: 8248271
Tourist complaints: 6159841

Qinghai Red-cross Hospital: 8247545
Qinghai NO.1 Peoples Hospital: 8177912

Airport Information: 6146970
Train Inquiry: 7197872
Long-distance bus station: 8149504

Post & Telecommunication

Customer Service Hotline: 1000
Complain: 180
Zip code Inquiry: 184

The Provincial Telecommunication Bureau
Tel: 8587981
Add: #93 Changjiang Rd.

Banks & Credit Card
Bank of China, Datong Branch: 2723122

Bank of China, Chengdong Branch
Tel: 8144427
Add: #120 Liulin St.

Bank of China, Qinghai Province Branch
Tel: 8180186
Add: #218 Dongguan Rd.


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