Jiuzhaigou Transportation

Getting There

By Air
Jihuang Airport (JZH), locates in Aba Prefecture Sichuan Province, is designed for tourism purpose and was put into operation for in 2003. From Chengdu, Chongqing, Xian and Shanghai etc, you can get to the Jiuhuang Airport directly by air. However, some flights might be canceled in the tourism slack season from November to March.

The Jiuhuang Airport is 88 km away from the Jiuzhaigou, and there are airport shuttle buses commuting from the airport to Jiuzhaigou, which will costs 2 hours by bus. The single ticket is 45 CNY and the double is 80 CNY. However, locateing in the place with an altitude over 2000m, the flights are likely to be canceled for the weather reasons, hence you need take the weather in to account when travel to Jiuzhaigou by air.
Plane, Jiuzhaigou  Travel, Jiuzhaigou  Guide Train, Jiuzhaigou  Travel, Jiuzhaigou  Guide
By Train
There is not direct train to Jiuzhaigou, thus traveling to Jiuzhaigou by train requires transferring. Along the bus lines scenic spots can be gotten.

Line 1: take the train travel from Baoji to Chengdu and get off at the Jiangyou Station, and then take the bus via Wen County Gansu province to Jiuzhaigou directly.

Line 2: take the train travel from Baoji to Chengdu and get off at the Guangyuan Station, and then take the bus via Wen County Gansu province to Jiuzhaigou directly.

Line 3: take the train travel from Baoji to Chengdu and get off at the Lueyang Station, and then take the bus via Cheng County to Jiuzhaigou directly.

Line 4: take the train travel from Jiangsu to Gansu and get off at the Tianshui Station, and then take the bus via Wen County to Jiuzhaigou directly.

By Road
Chengdu is always as the bus transfer station for the tourists travel to Jiuzhaigou. The long distance buses from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou are available at the New South Gate Station and the Tea House Station at 8:00 in the morning and will get to Jiuzhaigou at 16:00.

Besides, buses starts form inside Sichuan province to Jiuzhaigou also can be gotten at Mianyang and Leshan. Long distance buses from Mianyang set off at 6:40 in the morning everyday, from Leshan set off at 8:30 on Thursday and Sunday.
Self-driving Travel , Jiuzhaigou  Travel, Jiuzhaigou  Guide Tour Bus , Jiuzhaigou  Travel, Jiuzhaigou  Guide
Self-driving Travel
If you want to drive you own car to visit Jiuzhaigou, the west rout is the best choice.This rout is suitable for driving tour in that all the way is either the expressway or the blacktop.

Chengdu (56km)-- Dujianyan (90km)-- Wencuan (44km)-- Maoxian (130km)-- Songpan (88km)-- Jiuzhaigou (430km)—Chengdu

Getting Around

Tour Bus
The tour buses facilitate the traffic condition inside the Jiuzhaigou scenic spots without any pollution. Tourists can get on and off the tour buses anywhere once he gets the ticket. The ticket is available at the entrance and can be used for once.

Jiuzhai Visiting Road
The visiting road zigzags in the scenic spots like a string linking the single spot, which allows tourists a close touch to the fairyland. The road is made of slab-stones or the planks along the face of a cliff, matching with the natural purity of the Jiuzhaigou landscape.

The distance between the main landscapes in Jiuzhaigou
Luorilang- Long Sea: 18km
Luorilang- Virgin Forest :18km
Entrance- Jiuzhai Town: 7km
Entrance- Luorilang:  15 km
Entrance- Jiuzhai County: 42km
Entrance- Huanglong Temple: 128km 


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