Jiuzhaigou Travel Tips

Climate and Weather

Lovely as the landscapes of Jiuzhaigou are, the weather are so variable from seasons that you need to pay due attention. For the sake of you could enjoy your journey to your heart’s content, we suggest you take more clothes with you no matter which season it is.

In spring, the temperature is a little bit low from 9℃ to 18℃ and it is variable.
In summer, it experiences a higher and steady temperature, say 19-22℃, but it will get cold, so taking a coat is a wise choice.
In autumn, it is pleasant and suitable for traveling. However, the temperature difference enlarges, thus we suggest you to take sweaters and coats in case of getting cough at night.
In winter, it comes across the lowest temperature which is never up to 0℃, while the snow together with the falling leaves is a god-given scenery.

The most seasons

1. It rains not too much in Jiuzhaigou and it rains most on July and August.
2. October is the most attractive month though the landscapes are appealing all year long.
3. Each season are pleasant for you to spend you holiday, while autumn is the most pleasant.

Local Festivals and Folk Custom

Resorting to God of Mountain
On the 15th day of the Tibetan New Year, the Tibetans will hold a ceremony to resort to the God of Mountain. On the ceremony, all the people in the village will make a large human circle, which means the unity, to celebrate this special day by singing and dancing. This tradition is to resort to the God of Mountain for the bliss.

Fetching Holy Water
The Tibetans live in Jiuzhaigou follow the tradition to fetch the water from the river on the Eve of Tibetan New Year. On the moment when the rooster crow for the first time on the Eve of Tibetan New Year, all the villagers will rush to the river with the eagerness to be the first one. The holy water the take home merely offer to the families as the bliss of the New Year.

Legend about House
The Tibetan houses in Jiuzhaigou are united as the three-layer style. The first layer is for the livestock and the second is for the people to live in, while the top layer, which the Tibetans deem as the place closest to the heaven, is for worshiping the gods. On significant occasions, people always hang the colorful flags on the roof to bless to gods. The flags are blue, white, red, green and yellow.

Other Odds and Ends

Useful Numbers:

Phone Dialing Code: 0837
Postcode: 623402
Fire: 119
Police: 110
Ambulance: 120
Weather Forecast: 121
Taxi: 86-837-7734993
Inquiry about time: 117
Consumers' Complaint: 12315
Consultation number: 86-837-7739753 86-837-7739444
Reservation of Entrance-ticket number: 86-837-7739656
Emergency medical center: 86-837-7739309, 86-837-7739777-237

Tourists pay by credit card of Agricultural Bank and Construction Bank. In Jiuzhaigou Valley entrance, there are two ATM. One is Agricultural Bank of China, and the other is Construction Bank of China. It takes several minutes from Jiuzhaigou Valley to service center of the Agricultural Bank of China, and Construction Bank of China.

Note: Take along your cash or credit card.

The frequently used-word (English Tibetan Language)
Dining                            Ya Zi Niu Yue
Thanks                           Rang Te
Goodbye                        Za Le Xue Yue
Drink wines                    Ran Ge Lu
Beautiful girl                   Se Mo
Handsome boy               Da Ge
How do you do               Rang Jie
Have a good journey      De Mo

Other Tips

1. Smoking and fire are forbidden.
2. Take the medicine you need, if any.
3. Take a torch with you. It will be useful at night.
4. Sunglasses, cap and sun scream are necessary.
5. Never do the strenuous exercise, neither drink too much in case of the high altitude sickness.


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